Love Story Of A Boy Nd His Childhood Love Story

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life is full of unexpected things on which the person you dont expect will came but it is made up of many twist on which can changed your life. there was a girl which i have a crush on for almost 6 years way back in high school. when we were in grade 6,we are classmates on which the boy started to know her as a childish and sometimes we argued with some little things on which it caused that she kicked tht guy but they still managed to laugh and smile whenever they were groupmate or at the school.when they were on grade 8, this is the time on which he had a crush on her.He dont know the reason why he like her friends kept on teasing me but the guy knew that she had a crush on someone else since they were not seatmates but sometimes, he went to the vacant seat beside her then seat there then they were gonna talked and helped each other when there were activities so my friends teased him and he admit that i got blushed like a tomato....

His friends sometimes told him that he is very obvious in my actions that he like her and i don’t know if she knew it so i just control myself whenever we see each other. when we step on grade 10 we were no longer classmates and my friends never stopped in teasing me to her whenever we were seeing or when will went to our classroom this is the time that i hoped that she will also liked me but it seems that it cant since he liked somebody else but after when he nd she cmplted their 10th
Tht boy give up The hope
But after 4 Years they meet again its like a dream comes true for that guy and than a journey form classmates to best friend started .
That guy knew that she is in the relationshp with someone else but also knew that she is not happy nd than the guy decided to do everything for her happiness
Nd after few days that girl prpz that boy nd from that time the journey of a new love story begin…….

Submitted By:- Rohit Raj

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  1. sanhory

    So lovely and wise story

  2. Sami Dragusha

    I love girl

  3. Vinod ald

    Jannat 1 st h

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