My First Love

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People say that if it’s meant to be it’s gonna happen and when the right time comes everything will fall into place . I don’t know when the right time for me is but this is my story.It all started when I was in 7th grade and he was a 8th grade.We had a fun day and some of my girl friends wanted to play soccer I wasn’t really a sports girl but I just went with them anyways.When we got to the gym so many boys were standing there I kept telling my friends this is a bad idea and they we should leave. They didn’t listen so the girls and the boys were getting turns playing.Half way through the game I see these two boys staring at me and pointing fingers I knew one of the boys.I went up to them and looked at the one I knew and said so you and your little buddy here talking about me huh? They both laughed and the other boy was like you are good. I laughed and said thanks And the other one I knew laughed and said don’t hype her up. So at the end we were playing girls vs boys and we somehow ended up in the same team. He would throw me the ball and he would flirt with me but I was too young to know.Fast forward 3 years I moved everything changed I made new friends. Half year through my sophomore year.A new kid came to school and all the girls were talking about how cute he was and stuff. So during my lunch time my friends were all talking about the new kid. They were daring each other to talk to the new kid but they all were scared. I was just wondering who the new kid was so I said I wasn’t scared of a challenge. One of my friend pointed him out to me but he was turned around. After lunch I saw him walking into the locker areas I decided to follow him.As soon as I saw his face I was like it’s you and he was like oh hi and I said why he came to this school he told me he moved. It was so awkward so I said ok hope you have a good first day I’ll see you around.I went to my friends and said that he wasn’t all that fine and he wasn’t even hard to get but inside I was like he is so hot and I lowkey was crushing on him already. A few days later I found his Snapchat and I added him. He added me back so fast. We started texting he said if I wanted to start a streak and I agreed. We went back and forward texting until the weekend. When the weekday came we just walked pass each other at school for a while. Then one night he texted me why I didn’t talk to him in real life at school. I didn’t really replie to his message I fell asleep.In the morning I saw his message and he said “Since your scared to talk to me in person I’ll come and talk you “ I was so overwhelmed that morning I tired to look my best I put on makeup. Wore my nicest cloth even took a shower and put on hella perfume. When I got to school I saw him getting off the bus in front of me so I slowed down a...

little so I didn’t walk next to him. So 1st period passed and he didn’t come to talk To me then 2nd period I was worried he saw me up close and decided not to talk to me . Then when I was walking to 5th period I heard someone behind me saying woooow who you looking all nice for then I saw him. I was nervous I could barely talk. Then he laughed and said did I scare you I didn’t want sound childish so I said sorry I didn’t hear you and also I didn’t know how to reply.So anyways we kept filtering in real life and on Snapchat back and forth.He would to me every morning and he always wanted to hear about my day. I honestly was falling for him. He always pushing me around his friends getting close to me touching my back and shit. Honestly I enjoyed each day with him. Then I got in a fight and my parents wanted me to switch school to avoid any more drama before I left the school we got in a argument and I guess we never said goodbye.We even stopped texting on Snapchat which broke my heart very much because I really thought we were gonna go somewhere.So I couldn’t stop thinking about Him day and night and I would tell my friend every night.One night she got tired of me complaining to she told me to tell him or just forget about him. After so many long nights of me watching his videos and pictures I finally had the guts to talk to him. I was thinking that I could get it over and I would never have to see him again if he rejected me or whatever. So on 04/29/17 I decided to text him I will never forget the date but I told him how I felt. He told me how he didn’t date and didn’t really believe in love and he went on how saying your beautiful and will find the right one I hope you can move on 😭😭I didn’t talk to anyone for the whole night I cried myself to sleep the night and the following nights.I told my friend a few weeks later on what he said. I was trying to get over him but I have to say it was hard. It’s hard to get over someone who gave you a lot to remember. So first day of my junior year came rolling and I kept seeing him everyday in the summer. I was happy I didn’t have to see him at school too . Well I was wrong .5th day of school on my way to lunch I saw Him standing there with his friends and a schedule on his hand. I was very shocked so I looked down and walked away.The next few days he kept staring at me he still does to his day never says a word just looks at me🙄He is a senior now and I am a junior just in case you wondering. Some of my friends say it’s meant to be and that our timing is off and that fate keeps bringing us back together at the same school every time. I don’t believe that and I wish I never met him but that is my story about my first time falling in love and hopefully my last 😏
Thank you for reading my story 💗

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  1. Baby

    My goodness it so very beautiful story I appreciate this story because your feeling gonna be like this😊💕

  2. Suesa.simeona

    Oww😂😂yout story is nice…..😘😘nice when u show out your feelings
    Haha thank you for your story

  3. Yola


  4. EmmaclarinO

    Ilike this

  5. Ruchika dhiman

    Reply me guyzz

  6. Ruchika dhiman

    Nice story bhut kismt valo ko pyr milta hai.. kya kisi s pyr kiya ho uska wait krna chahiye kya.. jb ki bol chukha ho chod do

  7. Thamizharasan

    Hi.your story is super.but ur first love might like day you will get a true is not a simple thing to leave.a fantastic and extraordinary feeling.ok can I know ur name and be ur friend

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