Romeo And Juliet


In Verona, Sampson and Gregory (Capulet servants) complain that they will not put up with insults from the Montague family. Abram and Balthasar (Montague servants) appear and the four start quarreling. Benvolio (Lord Montague’s nephew) appears and tries to break up the quarrel, but Tybalt (Lady Capulet’s nephew) appears and picks a fight with Benvolio. At length, officers try to break up the fight, even while Lord Capulet and Lord Montague begin to fight one another. The Prince of Verona (Escalus) appears and stops the fighting, proclaiming sentences of death to any that renew the fighting. At Montague’s house, he, his wife, and Benvolio discuss how melancholy Romeo (Montague’s only son) has been lately. Benvolio vows to find out why. Speaking with Romeo, Benvolio finds Romeo is in love with a woman who has sworn to stay chaste (Rosaline). Benvolio suggests pursuing other women, but Romeo refuses. Separately, Paris (a kinsman of the Prince of Verona) talks to Lord Capulet about wooing his daughter Juliet for marriage. Capulet responds that she is too young (nearly 14 years old) and must wait two years to marry, and then only to the man whom she chooses. Still, Capulet invites Paris to a party in the evening. Capulet’s servant is sent to invite guests, but he can’t read the list so he entreats Romeo to do so. Upon hearing of the party, Benvolio convinces Romeo to attend and compare his unattainable love Rosaline to more beautiful women to get his mind off Rosaline. At Capulet’s house, Lady Capulet speaks to Juliet about her feelings for marrying Paris while Juliet’s Nurse listens on, telling stories of Juliet’s childhood. Juliet, although hesitant, promises to be courteous. Masked, Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio head to the Capulet party. Romeo is still depressed, saying he dreamt a fearful dream of an untimely death that will result because of the evening’s events, but Benvolio just makes fun of him. At Capulet’s house, the Montagues attend the party (in masks), Romeo spies Juliet, and he falls in love with her. Tybalt sees Romeo and takes up arms, but Lord Capulet attempts to calm him, though Tybalt vows to revenge Romeo’s intrusion the next day. Juliet, too, falls for Romeo, but falls into despair when her Nurse informs her Romeo is a Montague, as does Romeo when he learns Juliet is a Capulet.

While leaving the party, Romeo hides in the orchard while Mercutio and Benvolio call for him to come out of hiding and go home with them; yet he will not. After they leave, Romeo appears and speaks to Juliet under her window, saying “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” By and by they swear their love to one another. Juliet tells Romeo she’ll send a messenger to him the next day to learn the details of their wedding. Having stayed up all night, Romeo visits Friar Lawrence’s cell and tells him of this new love for Juliet. Although Lawrence is critical at first, Romeo eventually convinces him to marry them. In the street, Benvolio tells Mercutio that Romeo did not come home that night, and that Tybalt has sent the Montagues a letter challenging Romeo to a duel. Romeo appears and they tease him for hiding from them. Juliet’s nurse and servant Peter appear and Romeo tells her to tell Juliet to go to the Friar’s cell that afternoon to be married. The Nurse returns to Juliet and, though she skirts around the message, she finally tells Juliet the wonderful news. Soon, at the Friar’s cell, he marries Romeo and Juliet, and Romeo plans to visit Juliet’s bedroom that evening.

At the street, Benvolio and Mercutio encounter Tybalt and Petruchio, leading to Tybalt and Mercutio fighting since Tybalt tries to pick a fight with Romeo, but he refuses. Romeo tries to break up the fight, but Tybalt slays Mercutio under Romeo’s arm, then Tybalt flees. As Mercutio dies, he declares “A plague on both your houses,” since he is only a friend of Romeo’s and not his kinsmen. When Benvolio informs Romeo that Mercutio is dead, Romeo seeks out, fights, and slays Tybalt in revenge. Benvolio convinces Romeo to flee. The prince appears and Benvolio explains all to him, at which the Prince exiles Romeo for slaying Tybalt. At the Capulet’s orchard, Juliet waits for Romeo when her Nurse appears and informs her of Mercutio and Tybalt’s deaths, and Romeo’s banishment. Juliet falls into despair, realizing she...

would rather Tybalt dead than Romeo, but also that a banished Romeo is virtually dead. At the Friar’s cell, he informs Romeo of the Prince’s edict of banishment, putting him into despair. Romeo states he would rather be dead than banished. The Nurse arrives and tells Romeo that Juliet is sad too, but forgives Romeo. Still, Romeo pulls a dagger and tries to kill himself, but the Friar stops him and tells him to stay the night with Juliet, then flee to Mantua. At Capulet’s house, he and Paris set the wedding date for Paris and Juliet to be three days hence. In Juliet’s bedroom, Romeo says a tearful goodbye to Juliet. After he leaves, Lady Capulet appears and, while discussing Tybalt’s death, states she will send a henchman to mantua to kill Romeo (though she never does). She then informs Juliet of her impending marriage to Paris. Juliet tells her parents she will not marry, but Lord Capulet commands it will be so. The Nurse, too, tells Juliet she should marry Paris. In private, Juliet decides to no longer trust the nurse and vows to kill herself if the Friar cannot find a way to save her from marrying Paris.

At Friar Lawrence’s cell, Paris informs the Friar of his upcoming wedding to Juliet. When Juliet arrives to see the Friar, Paris politely leaves. The Friar, hearing Juliet threaten suicide, tells her of a “distilled liquor” she can take to fake death. He explains the drug will keep her asleep and seemingly dead for 42 hours, during which she can be placed in the Capulet tomb. Then, when she wakes, Romeo can be there waiting for her to take her to Mantua. Friar Lawrence send Friar John to Mantua with an explanatory letter for Romeo. Juliet returns to her father and apologizes for refusing to marry, causing her dad to move the wedding up to the next morning (two days early). In her bedroom, Juliet sends her mother and nurse away, then, after much worrying over the future, she drinks the vial of medicine and sleeps. Later in the early morning, all feverishly prepare for the wedding and Capulet sends the Nurse to wake Juliet. The Nurse wails upon finding Juliet “dead”, summoning the others to find her and mourn. The Friar instructs all to prepare Juliet for her funeral.

In Mantua, Romeo’s servant Balthasar arrives and tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo vows to see Juliet in her tomb and poison himself there, buying the poison from a poor Apothecary who illegally sells it to Romeo only because he (the Apothecary) needs the money. At Lawrence’s cell, Friar John reports he could not deliver the letter to Romeo since he (John) got stuck in a quarantined house while searching for Romeo. Friar Lawrence heads to the cemetery with a crowbar. At the tomb, Paris and his page arrive and Paris mourns Juliet’s death. Paris hides when he hears Romeo and Balthasar approach. Romeo orders Balthasar to leave him alone, no matter what he hears. When Romeo opens the tomb, Paris steps out and tries to stop him by provoking him to fight. Romeo entreats Paris to simply walk away and not fight, but Paris forces Romeo to fight him, resulting in Romeo slaying Paris. In sorrow, Romeo lays Paris in the tomb, while Paris’ page secretly leaves to call the watch. Romeo finds Juliet and mourns her death, then drinks his poison and dies. Outside the tomb, Friar Lawrence arrives and meets Balthasar who tells the Friar that Romeo has been in the tomb for one half hour. Lawrence enters the tomb and finds Romeo and Paris dead. Juliet then awakes and spots Romeo. The Friar, upon hearing noises outside flees, leaving Juliet with Romeo. Juliet tries to kill herself with Romeo’s poison, but can find none, either in the vial or on Romeo’s lips. In desperation, she stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger. The watch arrives, having found Balthasar and the Friar. The Prince and Lord and Lady Capulet arrive and learn Paris, Romeo, and Juliet are dead (amazingly to them, Juliet seems to have been alive, and then newly dead again). Lord Montague arrives and reports that his wife has died from grief over Romeo’s exile, then learns himself of Romeo’s death. Capulet and Montague make peace and swear to never fight again. They vow to build solid gold statues of Romeo and Juliet and place them side by side so all can remember their plight.

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    Nupur tum roona band karo plzz……

  207. nupur

    tum kyu sorry bol rhe ho I m sorry ki Maine sabhi se kuch bhi expect krna chod diya tha but tumse bat ki uske bad ye expect krne lgi ki sayd hum achhe friends bn gye h but I was wrong tumhe jab tk achha lga tbtk bat ki uske bad reply hi nhi dete I don’t know tum mere msgs read bhi krte ho ya nhi u know bhut dukh ho rha h tumhe bhi khote huye dekhkr abhi km bat krte Jo fir bilkul nhi kroge…….mujhe bhut rona aa rha h I don’t know why? mujhe jab bhi time milta h mai tumse bat krti hu……

  208. Humpty

    Nupur aoge na tum 5baje bolo na plz…..

  209. Humpty

    Nupur tum mujhe punishment do……Ab thik he na……

  210. Humpty

    Nupur again sorry plzz forgive me plz…..

  211. Humpty

    Nupur tum bohot naraj hoo mere se na…..Sorry plz forgive me plz…….

  212. nupur

    tumhe jis kam me busy rhna h rho jo karna h kro I don’t care agar tumhe mujhe bat karne ke liye time nhi to I m not stupid Jo wait krti rhu……..good night sweet dreams take care and good bye…..

    ..kal se mai tumhara wait nhi krungi but i will really miss u

  213. Humpty

    Good Night Nupur Sweet dreams…..
    Dinner kar leena……khayal rakhna Apna.

  214. Humpty

    Nupur mujhse baat nhi karne na….

  215. Humpty

    Nupur kahn hoo plzz ajaoo……

  216. Humpty

    Hi..Nupur..ho tum..

  217. Humpty

    Nupur sorry naa…..
    Nupur mein 8 baje aata hu…..Thode song sunn ke…..ok

  218. Humpty

    Nupur tum mere se naraj hoo isliye chat pe ghum rahe hoo…..
    Nupur sorry…..plz maaf kar doo…..

  219. Humpty

    Nupur plz come na plz…..

  220. Humpty

    Nupur plz.aisa mat kaho….Net problem kar rahe he…..

  221. Humpty

    Ha mein huu…..

  222. nupur

    Humpty I think tum mujhe ignor kar rhe ho….


  223. nupur

    khan gye Humpty tum ho na…….

  224. nupur

    waise tum ghar pr kar kya rhe the dinbhar Jo mob check bhi nhi kiya Maine 12:30 Bje msg kiya tha or tum evening me aaye….

  225. nupur

    aise hi ichha hui to aa gye tum aaj email I’d pr apna contact no send kr dena ok

  226. Humpty

    Nupur thand mein tum chat pe kyun hoo haa…..

  227. nupur

    mai chat par walk kar rhi hu…..

  228. Humpty

    Id change karo…..Submit hoo jayega…..

  229. Humpty

    Id change kar…..Submit hoo jayega…..

  230. nupur

    mai hu Yarr comment submit nhi ho rhe the…..

  231. Humpty

    Nupur abhi mein song sunn raha huu…..Tum kya kar rahe hoo…..

  232. Humpty

    Nupur tum ho yaha pee…..

  233. Humpty

    Nupur ghar pe he tha…..

  234. nupur

    to Khan the dinbhar plz batao na…..

  235. Humpty

    Nupur..Mein busy nhi huu…..

  236. nupur

    hi good evening Humpty tum mera reply kyu nhi dete……

  237. Humpty

    Hi….Good evening Nupur…..Kaise ho tum……

  238. nupur

    Humpty tum kis kam me itne busy ho aajkal ki tumhe bilkul bhi time nhi h….. ..

  239. nupur

    hi Humpty good afternoon lunch kar liya tumne……

  240. nupur

    OK Humpty bye take care

  241. Humpty

    Nupur couching thik se jaana..Apna khayal rakhna….Test ache se dena….Bye…..

  242. Humpty

    Hmm….Nupur tum study karo…..Mein tumse baad me baat karta huu ok….

  243. nupur

    abhi nhi….

  244. Humpty

    Nhi….Nupur..Breakfast ban gaya kya.

  245. nupur

    thanks u so much Humpty ……

  246. nupur

    kyu tumhara wait kiya isliye…….

  247. Humpty

    BEST OF LUCK……Nupur..

  248. Humpty

    Nupur tumhara test bohot acha jaane wala he……

  249. nupur

    aaj ke test me pta nhi kya hoga kuch yadd hi nhi ho pa rha h

  250. nupur

    ek to late aate ho or bat krne ki jagh gayab ho jate ho

  251. Humpty

    Baitha huu.Aur tum kya kar rahe hoo……

  252. nupur

    okkkk this is last time ok or kya kar rhe ho…

  253. Humpty

    Sorry Nupur..Next time se aisa nhi hooga….

  254. nupur

    its ok ………..but time west to sach me hota h na wait krne me gussa bhi aata h

  255. Humpty

    Nupur sorryyyyyyyyyy naa.plz Maaf Kar do na plz……,

  256. Humpty

    Hi..Good Morning Nupur……
    Soorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nupur plz forgive me plz…….

  257. nupur

    Humpty kal se mai nhi aungi 5 Bje mere pure 2 hours west hote h tmhara wait krne ke chakkar me na hi study hoti h or na kuch kam only time west………or aaj mera test h study karne ki jagah mai tumhara wait kar rhi hu

  258. nupur

    Humpty its ,6:30 yarrr

  259. nupur

    utho Humpty 6 bj gye h……..

  260. nupur

    hi Humpty good morning sorry thoda late ho gyeeee…..

  261. Humpty

    Apna khayal rakhna…..Bye…..

  262. Humpty

    Good Night sweet dream Nupur…….

  263. nupur

    OK good night sweet dreams take care bye. ,,

  264. Humpty


  265. nupur

    hi Humpty …………… nhi chal rha Yarr kal kitne time bat kroge time bta do

  266. Humpty

    Hi….So gaye kya tum?

  267. Humpty

    Nupur mein 15min mein aaya….

  268. Humpty

    Nupur kya kar rahe hoo tum…..

  269. nupur

    okk or sunao kuch. …..

  270. Humpty

    Yehi huu Nupur mein…..

  271. nupur

    hmmn kiski galiyon ko yaad kr rhe ho????

  272. nupur

    hmmmm …….

  273. nupur

    Humpty Khan ho……

  274. Humpty

    Teri Galliyan…..Mere fav song he..

  275. nupur

    hmm kon sa song mujhe bhi sunao….

  276. Humpty

    Hmm…..Mein abhi song sunn raha huu…..

  277. nupur

    study kal bhi test h…….

  278. Humpty

    Evening breakfast kar raha huu…… Aur tum kya kar rahe hoo….

  279. nupur

    meri tabiyt thik h ab

  280. nupur

    okk sorry Yarr net problem h to late reply de pyege..or abhi kya kar rhe ho?

  281. Humpty

    Nupur tumhare tabiyat kaise he…..

  282. Humpty

    Nupur kam tha issliye baat nhi kar paya…..

  283. nupur

    tum ho na Humpty….

  284. nupur

    mai thik hu tum khan gayab the aaj….

  285. Humpty

    Nhi nupur abhi dinner nhi kiya huu…..Kaise hoo tum…..

  286. nupur

    khan ho Humpty….

  287. nupur

    hi Humpty ha Maine dinner kar liya tumne kiya

  288. Humpty

    Kahn hoo Nupur…..

  289. Humpty

    Hi….Good evening Nupur…..Miss u too….Evening breakfast kiya tumne…..

  290. nupur

    Humpty I miss u so much kuch to reply kro plz……..

  291. nupur

    hi Humpty good evening…..khan chale gye the subah…

  292. Humpty

    Hi..Nupur..Good Afternoon……Lunch kiya tumne..

  293. nupur

    OK bye take care

  294. Humpty

    Hmm….Nupur mein tumse baad mein baat karta huu…….ok.

  295. nupur

    kya hua kuch bolo

  296. nupur


  297. nupur

    infact students hi bol rhe the didi aap danti kyu nhi ho

  298. Humpty

    Hmm……Kal ke couching kaise rahe……

  299. nupur

    aisa kyu bol rhe ho

  300. nupur

    nhi. to

  301. Humpty

    Kal kisi ko tumne pitaa kya couching mein……

  302. nupur


  303. Humpty

    Ha….Nupur Mein piunga…..

  304. nupur

    yhi hu…

  305. Humpty

    Nupur kahn hoo tum…..

  306. nupur

    nhi abhi nhi pee ab bdi mom uth gai h to ab bnayege hum tum pioge

  307. Humpty

    Hmm….Tea pe lee tumne kya…..

  308. nupur

    nhi Yarr yha bhut thand h to sabhi so rhe h abhi……

  309. Humpty

    Hmm….Nice…..Nupur breakfast ban gaya kya……

  310. nupur

    study with chating

  311. Humpty

    Hmm…..Kya kar rahe hoo tum……

  312. nupur

    4:30 bje automatic neend khul jati h itne time

  313. Humpty

    Mein bhi thik hu…..Tum kitne baje uthe the…..

  314. nupur


  315. nupur

    very gm uth gye rajkumar Humpty Ji mai thik hu aap kese h rajkumar Ji……..

  316. Humpty

    Nupur mein 10min mein aaya…..

  317. Humpty

    Good Morning Nupur……Kaise hoo tum….

  318. nupur

    Humpty 6:20 ho gye ab to aa jao….

  319. nupur

    Humpty 5:50 min ho gye h

  320. nupur

    humpty……… utho

  321. nupur

    uthe humpty ,,,5:30 bj gye

  322. nupur

    utho Humpty 8:17 ho gye plz or kal ke liye sorry so gye the kal

  323. nupur

    hi Humpty good morning ……….

  324. Humpty

    Nupur….Good Night sweet dream….Bye ……Subah 5baje…..

  325. Humpty

    Hi..Nupur..So gaye kya tum..

  326. nupur

    Hihumpty maine dinner kar liya tumne kiya ya nhi or kya kar rhe ho..

  327. Humpty

    Nupur waha se aane ke baad dinner kar leena ok too…..

  328. nupur

    hi Humpty good evening abhi mai abhi bhi dusri city me hi hu aaj to vapas aane me late ho jaungi

  329. Humpty

    Hii….Good Evening..Nupur..Kaise ho tum…..
    Ha Nupur meine lunch kar liyaa tha…..

  330. nupur

    dinner kiya ya nhi….

  331. nupur

    hi Humpty good afternoon ………

  332. nupur

    hi Humpty good afternoon

  333. Humpty

    Hmm…..Ok bye..Couching thik se jaana…..Take care….

  334. nupur

    hmm ho hi gai samjho dil khush to sab achha hi hota h ok Humpty bye take care…….

  335. Humpty

    Study ho gaye kya…..

  336. nupur

    u welcome…..

  337. Humpty

    Hmmm…..Thanks nupur…..

  338. nupur

    hmm I miss u. to……. .Humpty I really like your name Humpty

  339. Humpty

    Hmm…..Nupur I MISS U……

  340. nupur

    rat me bhai ka office work vhi h na wo rat ko ayege to mai bhi rat ko aungi

  341. Humpty

    Hmm….phir waha se kitne baje tak aoge…..

  342. nupur

    bhai vha daily jate h daily to wo 9 bje jate h but aaj 10 bje jyege

  343. nupur

    couching se vapas aate hi chale jayege bhai ke sath

  344. Humpty

    Nhi abhi nhi kiya huu……Tuition phada ke kitne baje aoge…..

  345. nupur

    nhi yarr aaj nhi bna or na hi bnega abto lunch hi bnega tumne kiya breakfast

  346. Humpty

    Hmm…..Breakfast ban gaya…..

  347. nupur

    4:30. bje

  348. Humpty

    Hmm…..Tum aj kitne baje utthe the….,

  349. nupur

    hmm tum chaho to bat continue kr skte h 15 min or

  350. Humpty


  351. nupur

    OK thanks ……..

  352. nupur

    kal nhi ja pye saman shift ho rha tha to aaj jayege un students ka bhi kal maths ka paper h isliye

  353. Humpty

    Nupur couching thik se jaana..Apna khayal rakhna…..Bye.

  354. nupur

    nhi its ok kyuki couching ke bad to or time nhi milega aaj dust I city jana h maths ki couching padhane

  355. Humpty

    Nupur……BEST OF LUCK…….

  356. Humpty

    Tum busy ho na…..

  357. nupur

    study Yarr aaj test h na

  358. Humpty

    Hmm….Kya kar rahe hoo tum….

  359. nupur

    hmm old house tutkr new bnega ab

  360. Humpty

    Nhi Aaj thik he.

  361. Humpty

    Tum phir dusre ghar pe shift hue hoo….

  362. nupur

    tunhara net kya aaj bhi problem kr rha h

  363. nupur

    abhi nhi kiya Yarr ek ghar se dusre ghar me shift huye h to bhut saman faila h

  364. Humpty


  365. Humpty

    Nupur breakfast kiya tumne…..

  366. nupur

    hmm I’d pr bad me send kr dena

  367. nupur

    meri couching ka time hone wala h jaldi aao na or aaj to test bhi h

  368. Humpty

    Contact no bhi chahiye…..

  369. nupur

    ab tum Khan gayab ho gye kuch bura lga ho to sorry

  370. nupur

    u know mujhe sabse jyada dar kisi ko khone se hi lgta h…

  371. nupur

    or tumne tea pee li or breakfast kr liya

  372. nupur

    hmm mil gya thank u so much……..

  373. Humpty

    Nupur mila kya….

  374. nupur

    yhi hu mail check kr lu

  375. nupur

    ok thanks

  376. Humpty

    Nupur kah hoo…..

  377. Humpty

    Nupur tum bohot jaldi naraj hoo jaate ho……
    Meine send kar de he id….

  378. Humpty

    Hmm….Breakfast ban gaya kya..

  379. nupur

    kya hua. agar tumhe apni real identity nhi batani to its ok good bye forever……wese bhi mai in sites pr story read krne aati hu fake friends bnane nhi…

  380. nupur

    meri tabiyat thik h

  381. nupur

    dekho Humpty friendship khi bhi ho skti h or mai friend banane ke bad unhe khona nhi chahti isliye mujhe tumhari koi real I’d ya contact chahiye taki jab ye site na rhe tb bhi hum touch me rh sake…..

  382. Humpty

    Nupur tumharI tabiyat kaise he…..

  383. nupur

    khan gye Humpty

  384. nupur

    tumne mail nhi kya

  385. nupur

    hmm ok

  386. Humpty


  387. Humpty

    Okay Nupur…..

  388. nupur

    mai thik hu or tumne kal wali bat ka reply nhi diya

  389. Humpty

    Kaise ho tum….

  390. nupur

    mai tumhe apni email I’d deti hu uspr msg kro abhi mujhe tumhari email I’d chahiye….

  391. nupur

    its ok

  392. Humpty

    Nupur sorry mein late ho gaya.

  393. nupur

    mai yhi hu tum sunao

  394. nupur

    hi good morning Humpty r u there?

  395. Humpty

    Nupur kaha ho tum.

  396. Humpty

    Hii…..Good Morning Nupur…..

  397. nupur

    6 bj gye uth jaoo yarrr

  398. nupur

    Humpty 5:45 ho gye kha ho

  399. nupur

    ye msgs tumhare liye I hope ab tum jyada naraz nhi rhoge.sorry busy rhne ke liye….

  400. nupur

    Murgi anda deti h aur cow dudh deti h to aisa kon h jo dono deta h



    nai pta
    intelligent hu pr maa kasam kbi ghamand nai kiya.

  401. nupur

    Hum lamp
    tum light

    Hum coke
    Tum sprite

    Hum sawan
    Tum badal

    Hum normal


    kya yar!

    khud pe hi shaq …….

  402. nupur

    Chor aaya tijori par likha tha todne ki jarurt nahi h
    BUTTON dabao khul jaegi
    button dabate hi police a gai
    “MA KASAM” insaneyat se wiswas hi uth gya h……..

  403. nupur

    Rat bhar mujhe is bat ne
    sone na dia
    ki …
    zindgi to bs 4 din ki hai

    | )(>
    | <|.
    0r sms pck maine 30 din ka kra liya.!Gm

  404. nupur

    Humpty ab hum bhi so rhe h good night bye

  405. nupur

    uth jao Humpty wo person Jo us din tumhari neend me aaya tha roj aana chahiye use…….. plz uth jao jaldi

  406. nupur

    I know Humpty mai but busy hu aajkal but still mai morning me tumhare bat krne ke liye 2 hours deti hu……5to 7 but tum jyada bat hi nhi krte itne time….

  407. nupur

    hi Humpty good morning ……….

  408. Humpty

    Nupur tum kitne busy rehte hoo…..

  409. nupur

    Srry humpty naraz ho gye kya so srry

  410. nupur

    Nhi yarr naraz nhi hu its just aaj bhut kam h or ghar ki saf safai chal rhi really naraz nhi h

  411. nupur

    Or subah ke liye its ok ho jata h kabhi kabhi.,

  412. Humpty

    Nupur naraj hoo mere se naa….Sorry nupur….Plz ajao…..

  413. nupur

    Hi humpty srry aaj bhut busy the or mobile to pta nhi khan pda tha but i missed you maine diner kar liya h tum bhi kar lena good night sweet dreams take care kal 5 Bje bat krte h ok

  414. Humpty

    Hi….Good evening Nupur…….Kaha ho tum…..

  415. Humpty

    Nupur tumne lunch kar liyaa kya…..

  416. Humpty

    Nupur subah ke liye sorry plz forgive me……Nupur net ki tower show he nhi kar rahe the…..

  417. Humpty

    Hi..Good Afternoon Nupur……Kaise hoo tum…..

  418. nupur

    ok humpty take care bye…….

  419. nupur

    humpty plz kuch to reply kro……..I m waiting

  420. nupur

    Humpty abhi bhi net connect nhi hua

  421. nupur

    really Yarr aaj ka to time west hi samjho study bhi nhi kr paye or tumse bat bhi…man hi lg rha study me

  422. nupur

    airtel ke networks to hmare yha bhut achhe milte h kbhi nhi jate….

  423. nupur

    or kyaa krun 1 an half hour ho gya h aaj tabiyat thik nhi lg rhi fir bhi uthe tumse bat krne ke liye or tum ho ki……….

  424. nupur

    kisi se nhi kal test h maths ka to study kr rhe the or formula yad kr rhe the or jab subah uthe the to lovers point ki stories study ki thi bus…..

  425. nupur

    its okkkk

  426. Humpty

    Nupur tum kaise baate kar rahe hoo……

  427. Humpty

    Nupur angry kyun hoote hoo sorry…..Nupur net Bohot problem kar raha hai…..

  428. nupur

    OK bye take care……….

  429. nupur

    had ho gai Yarr 20 min se koi reply nhi

  430. nupur

    tum ab bore ho gye na mujhse koi or new friend chahiye na tumhe

  431. nupur

    khan gye yarr kitna late reply krte ho… problem ho to bol diya kro

  432. nupur

    friendship dosti

  433. Humpty

    Nupur..Lifetime ke liye rakhna chahta huu…..

  434. nupur

    thik hu aaj hath per dard kr rhe h or tum kese ho?

  435. Humpty

    Nupur kaise hooo tum…..

  436. nupur

    hmmm neeche msg padho or uska reply do kuch

  437. Humpty

    Hii….Nupur..Mein agaya…..

  438. nupur

    Humpty ho gye 20 min Khan ho

  439. nupur


  440. Humpty

    Nupur mein 20min mein aaya….ok

  441. Humpty

    Kaise hooo tum…..

  442. nupur

    or kese ho friendship life time rakhni h ya time pas kuch dino ke liye…and ye site kb close ho jaye pta nhi uske bad kya kroge socha h kabhi…

  443. nupur

    hmm very good morning ji

  444. Humpty

    Hi..Nupur..Good Morning…..

  445. nupur

    Humpty uth jao dekho hum aa gye …….

  446. nupur

    hi Humpty good morning have a wonderful day……

  447. Humpty

    Nupur Good Night sweet dream…..Apna khayal rakhna……Bye…..Subah 5 baje……

  448. Humpty

    Ha Nupur meine dinner kar liya..I Miss u 2……Tumhare tabiyat kaise he…….

  449. nupur

    Humpty good night sweet dreams kal 5 Bje bat krte h subh ok abhi to network bhut weak h or dinner kr lena ok bye take care

  450. nupur

    Hi humpty i miss so much mujhe nhi pta jo comment me likhti hu wo kb submit hote h or koi koi to submit bhi nhi hote din me docomo ke network bhut weak hote h or abhi bhi h or maine abhi dinner kar liya h tumne kiya….net chalta rha to bat krungi othetwise wait mt krna plz

  451. Humpty

    Nupur kaha hoo tum….

  452. Humpty

    Nupur kaise hoo tum….

  453. Humpty

    Hi..Nupur good afternoon..Ha Nupur meine lunch kar liya Aur tumne kiya……

  454. nupur

    Hi humpty good afternoon lunch kr liya tumne.

  455. Humpty

    Okay….Nupur..Apna khayal rakhna..Couching thik se jaana..Bye..

  456. nupur

    its ok now bye OK take care

  457. Humpty

    Nupur sorry maf kar do.

  458. Humpty

    Sahi baat hai…..

  459. nupur

    tumse bat nhi krni hoti to subh se itne msg nhj krte or tumhara wait nhi kr rhe hote

  460. nupur

    hmm vhi kiya ab submit hone lge

  461. nupur

    mtlv itni der se Jo mai bat kr rhi thi wo kya koi sir par bandook rakhkr krva rha tha bolo

  462. Humpty

    Nupur Id change karo submit hoo jayega…..

  463. nupur

    kesi bat kr rhe ho Humpty really comment kai bar submit nhi hote mai kya kru

  464. Humpty

    Nupur tum mujhse janbuchkar baat karna nhi chahte hoo na….

  465. nupur

    sorry Humpty itni der se try kr rhe h comment submit nhi ho rhe phli couching 8 Bje h or dusri 3 bje

  466. Humpty

    Nupur kaha hoo….

  467. Humpty

    Nupur chale gaye kya…..

  468. Humpty

    Ha….Nupur….I know….

  469. Humpty

    Thanks u…..Nupur aaj couching kitne baje se hee…..

  470. nupur

    Humpty u know na mujhe couching jana h to fresh hona h and breakfast bhi banana h

  471. nupur

    nice dream really

  472. Humpty


  473. nupur

    hi Humpty

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