She Is Married

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I met her at first while I was working in my field, we were never friends , she got an opportunity to work with my company and we started working as team, I started feeling her n I told her about it ,she rejected me at first but finally she said yes, we met, we made love and I enjoyed it , she is so sweet,...

caring everything in her is nice but she is married, I love her n can’t let her go . She Wants to protect her marriage but I can’t accept to lose her at any cost. Am confused because I too know that she is married though I can’t let her go.

Submitted By:- umalu

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6 Responses

  1. Suesa.simeona

    I like it

  2. Vanshika


  3. Jack

    gia xe kia cerato

  4. Maryrosecagas77

    Ang sweet pero naka kakakilig siya

  5. Kunal pradhan

    NYC yr

  6. Devarajan

    I like it

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