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15 Responses

  1. Laal ishq πŸ’

    I love uhhh…!


  2. Laal ishq πŸ’

    Im… NOt fin…..!


  3. Anam

    Hi rohan how you

  4. Laal ishq πŸ’

    Hello rabbu…..!

    Hello anuuu

  5. Rabbu


  6. jiya khan

    Hi rohan hi all aap sab kitne baje online aate ho

  7. Afzal

    Magar purani kahawat hai jesa karna wesa bharna

  8. Afzal

    Nc story



  10. laal ishq πŸ’

    Hi annu……!

    Where are you????

  11. Jyothi

    lub u armaan ji…kiss u

    • 🍁🌷Armaan🌷🍁

      What the hell are you taking about

  12. Jyothi

    Armaan ji mai apkee bacche ki maa banne vali hu

  13. Nashrin

    it’s true story kya?

    khair badi upss n down story hai…but aapne jo Kuch bhi apni life me kia uski sza bhi Apko mill gyi…simran chord k chali gyi…esse bada sbak tumhare liye kya hoga
    jo Jesa krta hai wo vese bharta hai☺

  14. 🍁🌷Armaan🌷🍁

    Sorry dude but…
    This is fake storyπŸ“– 100%

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