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Love Of Life


Here is the story of love of my life. Around two years ago, they both met each other. She was in Canada and he was in India. They got connected through snap chat somehow. They got sometime everyday to talk with each other from their busy schedule. He always showed care towards her like did u come back home, have you eat something etc etc. After normal chatting, almost after 2-3months, he proposed her. She answered him after 3-4 days. She said “yes” to him because she wants exactly a same kind of boy just like him. She likes him because he is caring, kind, loyal and loving. After becoming couple, she felt like a queen. After 7-8 months of their relation, they both told their families about their relation. One thing is that touches the most is that the boy started this relation and proposed the girl after asking his mother. His only concern was that he just wants to make sure about their future. He don’t want to break the heart of the girl by saying that he can’t marry her because of family issues or like that because he loved her a lot. After 7-8 months of their relation, she told her parents about this relation. They reacted the same way as she thought. They forced her not to make contact with him anymore. But she stand for her relation and for him. His parents were ready from the very first day of the relation because they want their son happy and their son’s happiness was in that girl. But her parents were having very narrow minded thinking. But she didn’t give up. Due to her efforts, she convinced her parents to meet his lover’s parents. Her parents went to their house almost after 8-9 months. They Continue Reading…

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Love With Best Frnd


It started when I was in third year high school. At first he introduced his self to me. I was amaze because he knew a lot about me. And that’s all started for being his friend. I never knew that I’m gonna fell in love with him, because I use to tease him to my other girlfriend. He followed my advice to court other girls but then suddenly he stop courting her which I really don’t know what’s the reason. After that incident he usually don’t talk to me that he used to before. And I felt so lonely and realizing that I missing him so much. I tried to hide it. Since then we always have a fight for nothing. My other friends used to tell me whats going on with me and my best friend because we look like a cats and dogs in the classroom. But I started to realize that my feeling for him was getting in to deep. I never told him . For so many years until we graduate from high school I never had a courage to tell him. We both went through into lots of relationship but still in my heart asking for him to love me too. He still call me and tells me what’s going on with his life but I couldn’t tell him how much I love him. Until one day I found a strength to tell him that I love him since when we are in high school it’s happen on his 21 birthday. I was gonna say him personally but I changed my mind. I wanted to scream loudly and say “I love you” in front of all the people, but I can’t do that. I just write it in a card and tell him everything after Continue Reading…

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Is This Love ?


Hello freinds Can you guys do me a favour??! Can you tell me if this guy that I’m going to tell you about has a crush on me or not Be for I start I would like to tell you guys that I’m not going to name the guy by his real name I will just call him popcorn Another fact is that popcorn is the son of my fathers freind So this is how it started My father went to Iraq to visit his parents And so I always wanted to be freinds with popcorn and get to know him And so I decided to bring him a present And so I brought him a present it was a pack of chocolate I gave to my father so he can give it to popcorn ……… My father finally reached his parents house and so popcorn was there too I’m really happy that my dad recorded popcorns reacyion when he got the present He was resells happy excited and impressed After along time me and him got to talk to you each other on a phone call What was annoying was that my cuzens were behind me in the call So the first thing I noticed in popcorn is him not knowing how I look It seems like how knows me but dosent know how I look like Anyways he first sad hi to my cuzens Then he asked my grandmother who was next to him in the call who I was And she said it’s the girl that brought you the present And right after she said that he kept on looking at me and said oh hi how are you doing and he kept on looking non stop and smiling at me And I was like hi I’m Continue Reading…

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Miss Ew Yrr


Life is full of unexpected things on which the person you dont expect will came but it is made up of many twist on which can changed your life. It was 13 july 2018 when v firstly meet on fb .she simply msgez me nd i also msgz her in same way but after some tym i used to tell her abt her introduction she gvz me so nd smlry i alxo gv her myn in same way …But after some monthz i used to make commetment with her as dayz passed i was feeling something spcl vd her thn 1 day i propz her nd she bcm surprised anyway she ignored me.. she always ignore me becz of her family nd She used to say that be my frend we become good frends but i was not ready to understand that anyway as i don’t want to lve her due to wich i accpt her rqst nd on 18 oct 2018 v bcm frndz. Nd 1 day she bloks me on her id but as i miss her wich leads me to deactivate myn own id permanently thn i decided to make a new acc thrgh vch i cnd her request 1’s again bcoz it was the only medium to talk her some tymz she mkz me angry upon her as when she was nt replying myn msgz,but before my whole sadness she used to chat vth me in a cool mode wich makz me too much happy nd thn i used to thnk tht may v she may hvn some urgent work or anything else nd as v all knw that v should nver judge anyone on his or her doings be4 knowing the whole situation nd in same way she never say me any thing wrong and Continue Reading…

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I Lied


Hey friends I just wish to share this story of mine which till date pains me each time I remember.When I was 18 I met a man on my birth day who from the first time I tot he came just to have me for pleasure bc I knew he was engaged. He kept on insisting on us being together but for the fact that he was engaged, I couldn’t give him a chance and also bc I never felt for him . He kept on insisting until I decided to give him the chance . He was so caring and loving I began loving until I couldn’t control my self .Each time we had problems bc of his fiance but we kept on being together. He later rejected his fiance saying he isn’t interested in her any more I warned him about that though i was some how jealous and wished I was the one but i Neva wanted trouble bc I too am a woman but he didn’t listen . We kept on being together and the love kept on increasing he proposed to me and I accepted and he decided to see my parents . when he went to them they told him I was till too young for marriage and besides am still a student their advise to him was that he should be patient . He came bk to me and pressurised me to convince my parents to let us get married I told him if they said so then let him be patient but he said he can’t be he needs me in his house now for he was already independent and had a job. I spoke to my parents but they refused and said he even throw his wife what if he does Continue Reading…

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She Is Married


I met her at first while I was working in my field, we were never friends , she got an opportunity to work with my company and we started working as team, I started feeling her n I told her about it ,she rejected me at first but finally she said yes, we met, we made love and I enjoyed it , she is so sweet, caring everything in her is nice but she is married, I love her n can’t let her go . She Wants to protect her marriage but I can’t accept to lose her at any cost. Am confused because I too know that she is married though I can’t let her go. Submitted By:- umalu

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Blind To Love


My fiance Christina was my brother’s best friend for many years. We never really talked or hung out but after my brother Michael passed away we started to talk. After we got to talkin she started living at my apartment with me she was probably at my apartment for about 2 weeks before one morning at around 5 a.m. she turned around and ask me if I wanted to be her girlfriend, I was a little skeptical at first but I knew I liked her for a long time since Michael and her became friends so I said yes that was on Sunday November 26th 2017! I remember laying in bed with her cuddling and then all of a sudden she gets a private call at like 5:30 in the morning from some girl in Ohio who was apparently her girlfriend. This girl got all pissed off because Christina was laying in bed with me well oh well that sucks I guess. So she lived in my house for maybe about another 2 months and then this scumbag James that we call Grandpa kicked her out for no reason and start a whole bunch of drama but now almost 6 months later we are still together no matter how many people told us that we shouldn’t be or that we’re not meant to be together f*** what other people think cuz I know I love her and I know she loves me well at least I hope so. One morning I had to go to the doctor for my wrist cuz it was messed up in a car accident and I went to CVS and got these crappy rings I’m sort of proposed to her but then about a month later she got some really nice Rings or Fingerhut and Continue Reading…

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