Is This Love ?


Hello freinds
Can you guys do me a favour??!
Can you tell me if this guy that I’m going to tell you about has a crush on me or not
Be for I start I would like to tell you guys that I’m not going to name the guy by his real name I will just call him popcorn
Another fact is that popcorn is the son of my fathers freind
So this is how it started
My father went to Iraq to visit his parents
And so I always wanted to be freinds with popcorn and get to know him
And so I decided to bring him a present
And so I brought him a present it was a pack of chocolate
I gave to my father so he can give it to popcorn
My father finally reached his parents house and so popcorn was there too
I’m really happy that my dad recorded popcorns reacyion when he got the present
He was resells happy excited and impressed
After along time me and him got to talk to you each other on a phone call
What was annoying was that my cuzens were behind me in the call
So the first thing I noticed in popcorn is him...

not knowing how I look
It seems like how knows me but dosent know how I look like
Anyways he first sad hi to my cuzens
Then he asked my grandmother who was next to him in the call who I was
And she said it’s the girl that brought you the present
And right after she said that he kept on looking at me and said oh hi how are you doing and he kept on looking non stop and smiling at me
And I was like hi I’m good thankyou
And then he kept on doing the same thing
He stopped until one of my cuzens talked
The next time we go to talk to each other was on a game called PUBG he joined me in the game
And he kept on asking me questions and kept on being flirty and nice and he always agrees in everything I say
And when we finished the game
He gave me a like
A like stands for : when your impressed with the persons skills in the game

Anyways do u think he has a crush on me or has eny feeling towards me
What do you think??!!
By the way thx for reading my story!!!😊

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5 Responses

  1. Zephaniah Opiyo

    Truly is not that love

  2. Krisha

    Next story

  3. Swapna

    I like to read story

  4. Mohd Zainul abdeen

    I like this story

  5. Hassan

    I think he likes you so much

    But is this love no it’s too early to say love

    Bay the way

    My name in PUBG its (AXEhassan)

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