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My name is Aaditya nick name Aadii. And I’m from palwal (Haryana). I’m student of B.S.C Agriculture 1st year. Here i want to tell u about my love story. It is of 31 july 2019 when i talk to a girl on Instagram. Her name is Priya thakur. She’s from Gaziabad (Delhi) she is in B.com 2nd year. Firstly i talk to impress her,she like my way of talking. After sometime we get fruendly with eachother. Now I ask her for her no.she told me to waiting,for this. After sometime she agreed to gave me her no. And then i got her no.am so happy. As i call her next day in morning now we talk on call with each other. As it’s 2nd august 2019 it’s my college 1st day and she knew about this. She wished me all the best for my 1st day. As all know on 1st day there was seminar in colleges. So i was attending that and then she call me..I told her to talk after reached home. As day by day we talk.. and after some days when i talked with her on Instagram as an DM I ask??what u do..then she told me I miss u aadii soo much. I was shocked and happy laugh lot..From that day our love story took 1st part then we talk like some other as a frnd..One day when i talked her in night then she started weeping as I ask why she weeped..then she told me that she missed her ex most how he cheat her..i was very angry after hearing all that..and also start weeping bcz she weeping and crying again and again..That day I gave a support as a lover or frnd to her and knows her expression.. Now as we talked then she told me I love u aadii just like it was mirracle she proposed me🤗🤗…
I also like her or love her from many days but not able to told her…as she told me i like that way. Now...

we love each other and talked like bf or gf…here we start our life as lovers…Now we spend more time with each other and gifted things to each other…as on 17th August 2019 it’s her brday then we celebrate her brday and i gifted her a brand new i phone 6 as a gift she love this. After somedays suddenly my phone got break i weeped more and more bcz we can’t talk to eachother. Then i got a new phone and she asked me what happen as i don’t talk her…then i told her reason…As day by day passed and we talk to eachother for do maariage,both were agree for this..btt not sure about our parents as we don’t ask them..now it’s of 16 sep 2019 her brother brday…on that day i slept at 8 pm without talked to her she was very angry..On 11:59 my eyes got open and i saw time and suddenly i called her she picked up phn and talked with me…i told soory again and again at last she agrewd and accept my sorry. Now as i talk she carried her phn on her shoulder and then phn got slipped and break down.. it’s display got out..😢😢
From that day we can’t talk to eachother…as everything was stopped our meeting or calling everything…and her no.got closed. As i tried more time to talk her bt everytime i failed.. at last i lost all hope to talk her.. now in feb one day i tried to call her and then her no. Got ring i was very happy… I talked her and don’t control my feelings..as I talked her about her bf then she told me yes I got new bf and he was her ex..i shocked and tols her that u start ur relation with ur ex again…that day i lost her and hate her she broke my heart💔💔and cheat my..

Guys this is my story hope u all enjoy it..and love it
Thank you…🙏🙏

Submitted By:- Aaditya (Aadii)

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