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44 Responses

  1. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Hi naina kaisi hoπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Naina plzzz yakin karo mera tum yun ek msg karke q chali jati ho 😑😑
    Mujhe tumse baat karni hai samajhti q nahi ho… Allah kaise samjhao is ladki ko. Main kasam ke wajase nahi aa paraha hun. Or jiya ka phone nahi lagraha hai.. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    .naina plzz mujhe tumse baat karni hai kabhi to samjho mujhe yaar.. Harpal to tum whatsapp me rehti hi ho ek baar merese baat karlogi to kya tufan aajayega 😞😞😞😞
    Sorry mujhe galth mat samajhna naina tum q mujhse bat krne k liye aage peeche sochti ho 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
    Mushqil se tum hi se baat hoti hai..
    Main nahi aasakta site pe waha.. Maine pihu ko ksam di hai samjho plz

  3. Naina singh

    Maine kisi ko nhi bataya h

  4. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Naina plz mujhe tumse baat karni hai ye sab site pe kya horaha hai. Ye ammu kaun hai baapre. Or mera naam bhi leti hai or ye site help kaun hai.. Naina plz jhooth mat bolo… Mujhe tum yakin hai par mera yakon mat todo… Tum pehle ye batao. Ke hum dono yahapr jo baat chit karte hain kisiko bola kya??? 😑😑
    Agar nahi bolato plzz sach sach bolo baad me main sab bolunga ke kya hua tha.. Plzzzzzzzz 😒😒😒😒😒😒
    Naina plzzzzzz tumko meri dosti ki kasam sach boldo bass plzzzz😒😒😒
    Ha to haa ya na to na but sach bolo naina plz

  5. Naina singh


  6. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Naina plz come mujhe aapse bat karni hai plzz πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
    .kuch serious baat hai yaar. Main tumse yahape baat karta hun kis kisko malum hai batao plz sach batana. Apni dosti ki kasam hai tumhein naina. Main nahin jaanta mere peeche tum mere baareme kya bolti ho but main tumhein ek sachi honest friend maanta hu plz sach sach batana plzz.
    Ek to mujhe tum diktehi nahi ho aatehi nahin ho pd me pata nahin kaha chatting cahlrahi hai tum logonki πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  7. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Ae video nu vekh ik vaar kinni soni h saddi best song h sadde dil vich rehndi h πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

  8. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Kall chaman tha aaj ek sehrah hua………!! πŸ’”
    Dekh tehi dekhte yeh kya hua…………….!! 😒
    Mujhe ghum nahin ke barbaad hua…!!😞
    Ghum toh is baath ka hai ke kyun barbaadi ka charcha hua…….!!! 😑

  9. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Main tuhannu te saddi pyaare dostanu kinna chaundahu ae gall tuhadde soch de pare hai… Main saari raatta tum log de lai kinna wadda soch da hu ae gall v soch de pare hai.. Hunnn main ki kira yaar jado tussi saddi feelings da mehus hi na kitta si.
    Main yara di yaari nu kad vi nai chadd dunga te tussi na ae gall v nai saamjh saakdi hai kudiye.
    Jado tussi meri gallanu saamjh di te ae gall na kaardi mainuu😞
    But hun ki nai hua yaara main tehun kinna chahunda hun ae to sadda rab hi jandene.
    Assi kiside naal kaddovi jabardasti na kithi hai. Par es gall tehnnu kad saamjh avegi ae mere soch de pare hai πŸ’—

  10. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Ok tum sabke liye maine joh kiya woh nahinn karna chahiye thana yaar 😨

  11. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Kaash main b matlabi or ziddi hota 😑

  12. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Oh to matlab kya hai yaar 😁

  13. Naina singh

    Ap kuch na karo

  14. Roh@n

    to ab main kya karu phir

  15. Naina singh

    Wo to mai hu ziddi

  16. rσhαn

    kabhi meri baat par zara feel nahi hoti ho
    ab acha hua na sablog alag alag hogaye hain
    maine app banayatha same to same loverspoint ke jaisa or usme kuch add bhi kiya tha jaise hum jahape cmt karenege waha apna name auaomaic rgstr hojayega jisse hum ko notification k dwara msgs milte rahenge mobil pe. tum kyun aisa karti ho uski waja bhi abhitak nahi batati ………but jis din muhe ye pata chala naina ke koi ladka bhi tumhare saath whatspp me hai us din mujhse bura koi nahinn hoga sach kehraha hun..dil jall raha hai or jalte huve kehraha hun .im sry

  17. rσhαn

    tum bohat ziddi ho naina

  18. Naina singh

    Mai Whatsapp use nhi karti
    Kabhi kabhi kar leti hu par di ka
    Or sirf girls se
    Bat ko samjho
    Waise bhi yaha to bat ho raha h

  19. Naina singh

    Nhi ho rha

  20. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Sach kahun toh koi mujhe miss nahinn karta malum naina tum bhi 😞😞😞😞

  21. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Isliye bohat si baatein hain naina call ya wtspp pe ao to nahi aati tum

  22. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Maine kabhi nahinn socha tha k punjabi dharti me bhi aisa hoga 😞😞😞

  23. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Naina isi baareme main tum se baat karna chahta hu to aap nahi sunti 😞😞😞😞
    Ek baar whatsapp pe to aao naina plzzzzz
    Tum sabse whatspp me ho to mujhse hi itni dur kyun ho naina 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
    Main chahu to sabko block karskata hun
    Aaj jiya ka call aayatha or kahatha bro kajal kehti hai kuch karo😒😒😒
    Maine kaha jiya se main kya karun. Koi mujhe miss nahinn karta koi mujge nahinn bulata. 😒😒😒
    Jo bad tameez rehte hain unko bohat miss karte hain unko bohat pagalonki thara chahte hain… Or yahaan pe jab sachme koi imaandari se chaho to koi miss nahinn karta ulta badnaam karte hain to koi unko rokneki koshish tak nahinnn karte 😞.
    .aisa kaha maine par Phir socha admin ko kaha k ek baar warning dedo baad me kuch sudhar aayega πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    .ek baat kahun naina kyun main itna badnaam hokar tum sab ko chahta hun
    Tum sab ke liye maine already ek site banali thi jo jiya k throw maine maahi se kahatha k 18. Ko release hogi… But jab dekha maine k log mujhe badnaam pe badnaam hi kiye jarhe h to acha nahinn laga naina band kardiya….. 😞😞😞😞

  24. Naina

    Dekh liya na tumne
    Te site bhi lover point ki tarah
    Yaha ke admin bhi waise hi h
    Jaise lover point ke the
    Yaha sirf gandagi hi chalegi

  25. Naina

    Maine girls se hi call pe bate ki
    Raghu se maine call pe bate nhi kiya h
    Or plzzzz ap aisa mat kaho na socho
    Hum yahi pe dher sari bate karege na…
    Ok dost mante ho to call wala bat yahi pe khatam karo….
    Bate karna h to plz yahi pe karo na
    call pe jaruri thodi hai….
    glti kisi ki nhi h
    Rohan bus us samay sab gusse me
    The isliye gltfami me apka name aa gaya or chanchal ne
    Apka name le liya
    Jo ho gaya usme mithi dalo
    Waise bhi kisi ke kahne se koi bhi kuch nhi ban jata
    Na hi Chanchal ki koi glti h
    Bus wo ek galatfami ki shikar ho
    Chhodho purani bate
    Jo ho gaya usse bhul jao

  26. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Meri baaatonka bura manna naina call pe baat karlogi shayad acha arehga socha tha bassπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  27. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Or ek baat naina chanchal ko kya dimaag nahinn hai usne woh janwar amu mera naam kyun judaya yaar jiya ne call pe kahatha to samjha main maine dekha hi nahinn .aaj dekha tha.
    Ek baat kahun naina tum toh meri izat karti hona phir usko ek baat kehna tha na ke chanchal plz rohan bro bohat cahr hain woh kabhi aisa kar nahi sakte so plz unka naam i behuda is janwar ladki me mat ad karo main jaanti hu sab jaante hainn
    Agar aap baar baar rohan bro naam logi to sty chanchal main b apse bat nahi karungi rohan ji ne kabhi kisika kuch nahi kiya kuch galth fami se unko ham sab ne galth samajhliya tha…. Aisa kuch kehdeti naina tum😒😒
    Naina dost kehna hi nahinn yaar usko nibjana bhi oadta hai sach kahun to tumhati jaga main hota to bohat kuch kehta amu ko or chanchal ko kyunke main jisko chahta hunn dilse usko koi bhi kuch mere hi samne kahega ye main bardaash nahinn karskata naina.. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  28. rΟƒhΞ±nπŸ’–

    Naina gussa aaaya to daato par maine tumse bohat baat karni hai yaar aise tum ne kaise kehdiya ke main call nahinnn karsakti kya hai yeh naina matlab itna shaq k main kuch kardu yaar main jitni ladki ki izat karta hu shayad hi koi karta ho mujhe aap ne aise kaise samajhliya ke call nahi karna chahiye. Apna singhi dost maani ti hona to kya chatting tak hi hai aoni dosti 😑
    Dekho naina maine hamesha tumhari izat ki hai krta bhi hun Loverpoint me maine sabhise kaha ke naina ko kuch nahi kehna woh meri jaanasheen dost h iska matlab hai dil ke kareeb k insaan. πŸ’Ÿ
    Sabhi se tum baat kari ho call pe maahi chanchal khushi alisha aditya raghu
    To maine kaunsi galthi ki ab dekho jiya ne mujhe caal pe baat ki kya uski izat kamm hogayi kya usko maine kuch galth socha.
    I know hosakta hai tumhre bf dekhega yah family me thodi taqlif hogi main janta hun. Par kuch na kuch to mujhe bhi maalum hai ek ladki kaisa bhi aone dost se na dur rehneke liye manage karleti hai. πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Naina galthi hoagayi to sry but mujhe tumse kuch zaada hi baat karni hai tum samjhti hi nahi ho ke ek ke dil tum ko lekar kya baat hosakti hai kya kehna chahta hai😊 samjho naina kuch samjho

  29. Naina singh

    Singh ji tussi bhi apna khayal rakhna
    Or mai call nhi kar sakti
    Sorry plz ap samjhna
    Or apko jo bolna h bate karna h
    Aap yahi aa ke karna ok
    Jo bhi gaal kahna h yahi pe karna ok
    Or dad kaise h apke tabiyat thik to h unki
    Miss you to singh ji byeee

  30. Rohan

    Main toh yeh kehta hunnn naina ke call hi karlo na yaar naina plzz ye mera num h okay +91 9849966150 apni dosti mat todo mujhe bohat baat karni h tumse plzzzz

  31. Rohan

    Thqqqqqqqqqq jiya tu bohat achi hai so sweet tune meri naina dost sahi jagapar bulaya im happy thqqqqqqqq

  32. Rohan

    Thq naina maine itni door ki story par kyun bulaya ke maine meri mom ki kasam khayi hai naina main nahi asakta wahapar. or rahi baat phir kyunΓ±n aaya toh meri kasam jo thina woh wahipar ki story par hi thi pihu se thi kuch naraz gi usne mujhe bohat bulaya tha or royi thi par main nahi asakta kyun ke main meri mom ka beta hu kaise asakta hun unki kasam khayi hai maine nahinn asakta main. Meri mom ki kok ko badnaam nahinn karsakta main naina main tumhein apna jaanasheen dost maanta hun isliye main kuch aapse apni hi kuch dil baat bataneke liye hi bulayatha sirf or sirf aapko.
    Ab nahinn bolunga main shamko msg rakhdunga time mila to tum dekhna zaroor or reply dena mujhe tumpar hi umeed hai jo main kahunga uska sahi sahi answer kya hai batana pzzzzzzzzz coz i like u a lot humesha maine tumhari izat ki hai krta bhi hun or shayad karta hi rahunga. Tum samajh rahi hona naina okay. Abhi main dad ko lekar hospital jaraha hun bass dekha k jiya ne tum ko msg diya h shayad tum aayi ho ya nhi ok….main chalta hunnn apna khayal rakhma aakar bataunga naina msg thoda shayad bada hoga to naraz na hona apna hi dost samajhkar read karlena naina okay main theek hun miss uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh naina tumhara singh ji

  33. Naina singh

    Or tabiyat kaisi hai tumhara

  34. Naina singh

    Ha bolo rohan

  35. Roh@n

    Haiiii naina tumse kuch baat karni hai πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€

  36. Rahul 9781235559

    Good apne thik kiya yaar aap jaisi soch kuch logo ki hoti u r right

  37. Arif Hussain

    Ma na ak hassina sa Mobhat me the bat hassina atnie hasin the ka as na app hasson ma ba wafia kar de

  38. Roh@n

    Oye pagal anjum ko koi akar love you bolraha tha. Toh anjum ne gusse me data. Tha or woh insaan ka naM h whpe. Maine sirf mzk me kaha k anjum chalo main tumse bohat krrata hun. Tu bhina pihu. Tujhse kbhi nhi chupaunga yr

  39. Pihu

    I love u Anjum haha woww nice Rohan
    Pihu ko bataya v ni

  40. Roh@n

    Plzz i miss uhhπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  41. Roh@n

    Pihu 3 story ne aao yar

  42. jyoti

    i think vo apni life me khush hai ap apni life me khush raho but alcohol mat kro

  43. ashukabirpanthi

    My self Ashu Kabirpanthi
    Ap usko bhul hi jao kyuki ab uski koi or family h or ab WO apko love nhi krti is se acha h ap bhi kisi or se shadi kr lo.

  44. Pihu

    bakwasssssssssssss story
    I hate this boy n I hate that girl
    pyaar kidhar hai man bahlaa rahe the tum shame on u n WO girl use to terese pyaar hi ni karna chahiye tha man bahlana time pass hai ye Jo tum kar rahe the pyaar ka naam dekar pyaar word ko ganda mat karo
    aur use v shadi ke baad tumse milna ni chahiye tha apne habnd ko cheat kiya usne
    jab pata tha shadi ni ho sakti to ye sab gandi harkat karne ki zaroorat kya thi brooo tum

    chahte to shadi kar sakte the usse par tum karna hi ni chahte the q ki tum time pass kar rahe the man bahla rahe the
    aur av v man bahlane ke liye koi dhundh rahe ho tum aur bewafa WO ni tum ho samjhe aur time pass v pyaar na 1% v ni h is me I hate this story

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