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32 Responses

  1. Afzal

    Nc story

  2. 🍁🌷Armaan🌷🍁

    Wow man superb story πŸ“–πŸ“– but I am confused πŸ˜•β“your name (r) &(d)

  3. Sakku


  4. Sakku

    Nahi aana chahti

  5. Sakku

    Aap khud boldo di wahape k maine sakku se PD me baat krli h wo ana charti karan bhi batado

  6. Sakku

    Ha di

  7. Sona

    Hi sakku

  8. Sakku

    Us insaan ne sabhka bhala chaha wo kisika kya bura karega. Do din pehle hi dekho aap bina Help maange usne priti di ki madat ki bhala priti di ne usse bat tak nhi abhitak lekin phir b us fariste kitna acha socha uske liye. Aisa insan kisiko q bura sochega

  9. Sakku

    Di thq but tum bhi sochona
    Di kabtak insan bardaash krega

  10. Sona

    Mujhe bula k kaha gayb ho gai

  11. Sona

    Is bar bs wapas aajao ur jisi din tumhe kuchh achha na lge usi din chli Jana. M nai rokungi ur na hi aane ko bolungi

  12. Sona

    Un log ka to yhi chlte rhega to Kya mera bat nai manogi

  13. Sona

    Tum hmare lie aajao skku

  14. Sona

    Kaha ho skku

  15. Sona

    Hi skku. Bolo

  16. Sakku

    No sona di main nahi asakti
    Mera dil toot chuka hai kahana k mann phooth chuka hai or wese bhi kal raat me surendar ka msg bhi dekha tha dil to kar raha tha uske daat tod du but mere friend izat main khud nahi nikalna chahti isliye chup hu pata nahi kisiko bhi bina wajake badnam kardete hai. Or jo bhi uski side leta hai usko jawab na dekar usko bhi mere hi dost ka naam lagdete hai. Sona di insan hai wo kabtak bardaash karega. Aana chahrahi tha lekin wo msg dekhte hai u turn mardiya maine

  17. Sakku

    Hi sona di

  18. Sona

    Agr yaha ho skku to plz apni di ka bat maan lo ur wapas aa jao jldi

  19. laal ishq πŸ’


    Miss uhhhh….!

  20. laal ishq πŸ’

    Anam….. Jaldi aana yl…

    Hello Jyothi….!!

  21. Jyothi

    I sleep wid all boyzzz

  22. Jyothi

    me call girl hu

  23. Laal ishq πŸ’


    Kaha hO aap……!!






    Taiseen… !


    Yakub… !







    Jiya air hostest…!

    Heena… !


  24. Laal ishq πŸ’



    I michhh uhhh all….!!


  25. Pihu


  26. laal ishq πŸ’

    Im sry yl…….!!

    Tum v tOh busy rehti hO….!!
    tumhara intizar me mera haal……!

    Behaal hOta hai!

    Yahape v waha pe v…….!

    “fb” poe hO tOh ajao….!

  27. Anam

    Then what are you doing

  28. laal ishq

    kya karunnnn…..!

    rehna padta hai yl…………!!

  29. Rabbu

    Hi aadab saairikal Namaste mera aur Kaise hai doasto

  30. Anam

    Hi rohan

    How r u

    Kya busy ho life me bahut

  31. Nashrin

    God bless u…hope everything is good in ur life…☺

  32. Laal ishqπŸ’

    NoOO.. Words…!!

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