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The Love Lies


Hello everyone this story is very sad and happy at the same time I really need to let this out of me. One day i was in year 11 in my school it was just like normal day until I went on my phone and i seen a beautiful men with little kid I fell in love with the men straight away you telling your self how comes you only seen him on the picture but for me it was love at first sign. the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about that good and beautiful men but I was telling my self what would men like that would want to do with me he will never like me until I got message from someone I look at the phone and it was him he texted me he called me on the phone he said he really like me and he want to see me I was telling my self this is not real but it was he asked me to meet him but I said I can’t I was only 15 my mother was from strict family she never let me out by my self he was 16 and for him it was easy because he was boy and I was girl with strict family then on new year he called me and he asked me to meet him again so I did 😍it was beautiful he straight away run into my arms and hugged me kissed me I was telling my self omd this is crazy we was talking he didn’t know that much English but I liked him anyways he teach me how to love . I was meeting him every night with my sister she was helping me becouse my mum and brother didn’t want me Continue Reading…

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Baby Mother


Hi my name is Tsholofelo here goes my storie i being dating this guy for are year that i didn’t note that he is still in love with his baby mama everytime i ask him to go n visit his mom in Soweto he will come up with stories He is not working and am working he will go to Soweto during the week when am at work so that i must not go with him One day he lefted his phone n the phone ringed and i answered to only find that is a girl and i called to ask who are you? and she said am the baby mama n you are you I said am his cousin I opened his phone to check his message to only find out that his is about to get married to the baby mama please help m because I love him Submitted By:- Tsholofelo

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A Man Who Doesn’t Love Me


I fall in love e with a man who is marry..and the man love me too..we date being together, sleep together for a year..I love him so much..n so do him..we leave far away from his family because we working..after the restaurant are close we force to come back..sty together with his family.. When 1st we come back..his wife start making by day our relationship getting far..he is like a stranger to me..before he told me ..he love me more then his wife..after staying together with family for 2 months..suddenly his wife saw his old phone messenger..the messenger link to old n new phone…he wife saw the text that we text..because all the while at home..we can’t get closer other than texting..after his wife saw it..she keep crying..then I sacrifices myself..I told them I move..the night b4 I move he company me..he hug me we kiss n he crying saying that he can’t live without me …he miss me so much… The next day her wife start drama again..all the while his wife treats him like a dog ..or maid.. His wife force him to admit..that he love me..He didn’t admit..he told his wife we start messaging for half year..he didn’t love me, he just treat me like a sister and all the while I love him..(he push everything to me) He went me to admit in front of his wife that I love him..but he don’t love me…im asking myself why you treat me like that..I’m your lover too a girl who sleep beside you for a year.. he promise his wife that he will stop everything that cause her unhappy..then I ask him..that mean you want to give up n breakup with me..he heart still got u n never give up…but we need to freeze our Continue Reading…

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He Left Poland To Stay With Me In Philippines And Marry Me For The 4rth Time


There are so many people asking me ,where did You meet your husband ? How long have u been together ? What’s your love story ? My friends are so curious about it , So here it is 🙂 Before i meet my husband i was an active member of dating site , like date in Asia , pinalove , etc, but i don’t have any luck from it . Until one day i just told my sister im so tired looking for the perfect one . All i want is a nice guy who would take care of me , respect me and love me No matter what . May 2016 when i was playing Tinder and someone caught my attention , i just swipe right and see if we will be match . Suddenly this guy also swipe right , and were match 🙂 Its he’s first time in Philippines and he want to explore it , he has 2 weeks vacation to see Philippines May 10 2016 when I invited him to explore Kawasan Falls with me ,will he said why not 😉 . We went there and enjoy our time being together , we talk like we know each other for years , we have a lot of common , i never been with a guy like him who is so sweet and gentleman . When we come back to Cebu he ask me to come and explore with him on some cool island like Bohol . Well offcourse i said Yes , i can give him a tour . We went to Oslob,and Bohol , this time we know each other more . When we are in Bohol he ask me if it’s Ok if I go with him in Manila , I thought it’s Continue Reading…

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True Love


Hyy frnds its me abina poudel from Nepal and the name of my life partner is Nikesh tamang I used to study in 11 when I gave my SLC I have got 3 months holidays so I don’t get any plans for my holidays so I started to help my mother and father in my own hotel when 1 was working in my hotel I see him I just leave him by looking I look him of to 1 months after 1 months I ask the driver who was working in his bus please uncle can u give me nikesh number than he replied that if u want his number go and ask to him why r u asking to me than I simply replay okay…..after all I was scared to ask his number my vacation was going to be finished 1day was left….I told to the girl who was my friend in hotel her name was kabita I told everything that I love nikesh…..than she went to near by nikesh and asked his number but he didn’t give… I joined my class after that again when I have got vacation for dashain and tihar   I meet him in hotel after long time…..after all he didn’t came to our hotel for 1 months my vacation about last day when I was returning to sindhulii for my study I see him again in my hotel than I fell so happy and also now I can’t wait so i ………goes…..near to him and ask his number again and finally he gave me his number afert all we started to talk with each other after all he propose me and I fell too happy and my answer was yes……..and after all his caste was tamang and I am poudel our family didnot accept Continue Reading…

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Love Of Life


Here is the story of love of my life. Around two years ago, they both met each other. She was in Canada and he was in India. They got connected through snap chat somehow. They got sometime everyday to talk with each other from their busy schedule. He always showed care towards her like did u come back home, have you eat something etc etc. After normal chatting, almost after 2-3months, he proposed her. She answered him after 3-4 days. She said “yes” to him because she wants exactly a same kind of boy just like him. She likes him because he is caring, kind, loyal and loving. After becoming couple, she felt like a queen. After 7-8 months of their relation, they both told their families about their relation. One thing is that touches the most is that the boy started this relation and proposed the girl after asking his mother. His only concern was that he just wants to make sure about their future. He don’t want to break the heart of the girl by saying that he can’t marry her because of family issues or like that because he loved her a lot. After 7-8 months of their relation, she told her parents about this relation. They reacted the same way as she thought. They forced her not to make contact with him anymore. But she stand for her relation and for him. His parents were ready from the very first day of the relation because they want their son happy and their son’s happiness was in that girl. But her parents were having very narrow minded thinking. But she didn’t give up. Due to her efforts, she convinced her parents to meet his lover’s parents. Her parents went to their house almost after 8-9 months. They Continue Reading…

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Love With Best Frnd


It started when I was in third year high school. At first he introduced his self to me. I was amaze because he knew a lot about me. And that’s all started for being his friend. I never knew that I’m gonna fell in love with him, because I use to tease him to my other girlfriend. He followed my advice to court other girls but then suddenly he stop courting her which I really don’t know what’s the reason. After that incident he usually don’t talk to me that he used to before. And I felt so lonely and realizing that I missing him so much. I tried to hide it. Since then we always have a fight for nothing. My other friends used to tell me whats going on with me and my best friend because we look like a cats and dogs in the classroom. But I started to realize that my feeling for him was getting in to deep. I never told him . For so many years until we graduate from high school I never had a courage to tell him. We both went through into lots of relationship but still in my heart asking for him to love me too. He still call me and tells me what’s going on with his life but I couldn’t tell him how much I love him. Until one day I found a strength to tell him that I love him since when we are in high school it’s happen on his 21 birthday. I was gonna say him personally but I changed my mind. I wanted to scream loudly and say “I love you” in front of all the people, but I can’t do that. I just write it in a card and tell him everything after Continue Reading…

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