Purza Nahi Akhida

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  1. Jacqui

    .My grocery store did not carry cumin seed (the store, Publix, has a large spice seotcin) is there any chance that this is know by another name?The chili power I used is a blend from what I read about the Everest it is pure chilies, no added spices. I went to The Everest web site but the cost of shipping is much, much, more than I care to spend. I wrote to Everest to see if they could give me the name of a store that carries the spice in my area. There is a large India population here. Is the red pepper chili hot or mild? Could I substitute Cayenne Pepper? I did use the whole jalapeno, it was spicy/ hot but after the first few bites you mouth is numb and it no longer burns :>)And finally my review. It was delicious my son (grown man) and I both loved it. Has it last light and then again today for lunch (Today I added a can of black beans to stretch it) This certainly did turn out to be a very long post PS is there a box I could have checked to see when others post about this recipe?

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