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thanda buraj

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  • Sukhdev Singh Minhas

    “When we uttering spiritual holy Hymns of our Spiritual holy book; meditate and preparing obedience the our way to right path to Lord; make our paths straight. When we rejoice from our deeply heart and all flesh shell we see the salvation of God.”
    If we are to receive the powerful presence of God, we must prepare ourselves. Our holy Prophets the Baptist was God’s messenger to help people prepare to receive the savior of the World. Our Prophets preached unwaveringly; “Repent for the world of heaven is at hand.” Those devotees who Rejoice and meditate and also understand the meaning of holy book spiritual hymns massages and prepared their lives recognized, it is only the (SGGS) is the our Everlast prophet, and they left us all to follow the eleventh and Everlast spiritual Prophet. This is especially true to the believers, whose hearts themselves prepared right path to reach almighty Lord. This preparation must proceed from God’s holy book spiritual hymns teachings presence.
    Our Spiritual holy book Hymns teachings and instructions for preparation is specifically repentance! This involves a complete change of mind, heart, will, and behavior towards almighty Lord. Our holy book spiritual hymns teachings us are our God and our life must be prepared to receive teachings of spiritual hymns as our LORD. Anything less is inadequate. We are all are obviously unprepared to follow the Spiritual holy book Hymns teachings. If we ignore we miss the opportunity.
    The religion preachers before of our Spiritual holy book and days before of founder of SIKHISM ( SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI ) and nine others Successors, saints, sufees, Prophets were largely unprepared and all others religions spiritual Prophets arrival. No body knows holy spiritual Prophets coming. Yet they even do not know spiritual Prophets would be born. When our holy Prophets teaches holy spiritual hymns became then religion preachers know God’s Prophets had been born and they made no efforts to listen and follow spiritual Prophets, preferring instead their religious ritual.
    If we all unprepared, we too will miss the opportunity to experience the holy book spiritual hymns teachings. We may practice on religion, but we will miss almighty God, while others encountered the Lord personally in worship, but their hearts will remain unmoved. As others receive a fresh word from spiritual holy book Hymns teachings, they will experience a painful silence.
    Religions activities can never substitute for a heart that is pure before almighty Lord
    Purity comes only through repentance. We have to meditate as our Spiritual Successors did, that God will examine our heart and reveal our needs to repent of our sins.
    Sukhdev Singh Minhas,

  • Waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki fathe

  • Waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fate

  • Satnam waheguru je


  • Waheguru ji

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