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  • Waheguru ji


  • Sukhdev Singh Minhas

    “And earlier age our Spiritual holy Prophets and those were with Lord searched for almighty ONE GOD.”
    Earlier our Spiritual holy Prophets time some people believe in human Goddess are well known for their unbelievers in ONE GOD, extemporaneous statements throughout the Gospel. But our Spiritual holy Prophets was always seeking after almighty Lord. But our Spiritual holy Prophets did meditate and prayed and followed almighty Lord during day and night of Lord’s crucifixion. Our Prophets prayed and went closed to the God when they heard God had risen. Our holy spiritual Prophets swam in the sea in their haste to reach to almighty Lord and even walked on water in order to find God. Our Spiritual holy Prophets did not always say or do the right things, but they did constantly seek to be with almighty God. Because of this, holy spiritual Prophets was continually encountering to almighty Lord and growing to be a more faithful disciples.
    Whenever disciples saw holy spiritual Prophets going to close almighty Lord they are always accompanied by others. Because our Spiritual holy Prophets seeking God, but disciples sought Prophets too. What are we known for by those who know us best? Do they see us searching for fame, power, success, or happiness? God promises: “And we will seek almighty Lord and find God, when we search for Lord with all our deeply heart.”
    Did we begin today intent on encountering almighty Lord? Is our search for God halfhearted, or are we seeking God with all our deeply heart? Have others grown closer to God because they followed our Prophets holy hymns teachings as example and sought God? If our hearts are set on pursuing almighty Lord. We will always find God “And disciples and the devotees say, ‘pray’ And let God who hears our prayers, ‘pray’ And let devotees who closed to God and who praying from their hearts.
    Sukhdev Singh Minhas,

  • Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji waheguru ji waheguru ji waheguru ji waheguru ji

  • Sat nam shri waheguru ji

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  • Waheguru waheguruwaheguru. Waheguru waheguru

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  • waheguru ji sab da bhala karan

  • Waheguru ji
    Waheguru ji
    Waheguru ji
    Waheguru ji
    Waheguru ji

  • manpreet singh khalsa

    waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji

  • Waheguru ji

    • Waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh ggg,

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