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History of Gurudwara Sri Chola Sahib Dera Baba Nanak
Gurdwara Sri Chola Sahib Dera Baba Nanak History (Holy Robe of SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI)

Sri Chola Sahib of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj

Before the birth
there was a great terror, injust and excesses in this world. There was no body to hear the voice of poor and lady. The people became anti religious and there was no distinction between truth and lie then land called for sole.

Hearing the voice of land, for the welfare of mankind he (Nanak) was sent to the world for the welfare of Kaljugi People. And for the welfare of Kaljugi people he took four long Travels (Udasies). Bhai Gurdas Ji has written.

”Kaljug Babe Tarea Satnam Da par Mantar Sunaia Kal Taran Guru Nanak Aiea”
Guru Nanak Dev had undertaken Four Long Travels to ameliorate the world. During his third travel Guru Nanak Ji went Arbrain Countries. Lajward was the ruler of Arabia. He was very cruel toward Hindus. In order to reform him Guru Nanak Dev Ji got the verses of Quran imprinted in Urdu and Persian languages alongwith some figure work of Arithmetic of Nature in short hand on his Robe and went to the Capital of Arabia. Gradually the news reached the king that a Hindu Faquir (Holyman) has arrived in the capital wearing a Robe imprinted with verses of Quran and Arithmatic of Nature. The King ordered his Minister to take off that Robe from Guru Ji body. The Minister obeying the orders of the king, went to Guru Ji and requested him to take off the old Robe and wear a new one.

”Babe Bheikh Banaiya, Udasi Ki Reet Challai Chariya Sodan Dharat Lokai”
Guru Ji told him that he did not wear that Robe of his own and will not take it off, If the Minister wants he can take if off himself. The Minister made many efforts to take off the Robe but wasnot successful. At one stage the Robe became the part of Guru Ji’s Skin and thus the Minister felt low and narrated the King about all this. The king was furious and blamed about the possession of Evil-spirits by Guru Ji.

The king orded the Minister to torture Guru Ji. The minister tried many means to torture Guru Ji including Burning with fire, Hang Him from the gallows, Imprison Him in the cage, Threw Him down the mountain, Buried Hime alive and Drowned Him in the river but could not harm Guru Ji. Seeing all these miracles the King accepted defeat and surrendered himself at the feet of Guru Ji

After completing four travels Guru Ji reached Kartarpur town in Punjab (India). He took off His Hermit Robe and wore worldly clothes. He started living a simple life and tilled his land for a long period of 17 years : 7 months and 9 days. Then Guru Nank Dev Ji bestowed Guruship to Guru Angad Dev Ji (Second Master Sikhs) alongwith six symbols of Udasi Dress including his Holy Robe. Guru Angad Dev Ji passed on the Guruship alongwith these symbols to Guru Amar Dass Ji (third master of Sikhs). Similarly these symbols were passed on to Guru Ram Dass Ji (Fourth Master) and Guru Arjun Dev Ji (Fifth Master).

During the construction of Holy Tank of Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab (India) one Bhai Tota Ram resident of Bakhara (Town in Uzbekistan) served with great devotion. (Inspite of injured foot he continued to give his sevices. One of the disciples informed Guru Arjan Dev Ji about incidence.
Guru Ji called Tota Ram and said ”I am very happy with your dedicated services, you can ask for a favour” Bhai Tota Ram replied ”With your grace I have all worldly possessions like Children, Property and Wealth etc., but my place is devoid of Gursikhi, kindly bestow me with it”
Guru Ji was very happy with him and since the Holy Granth (Guru Granth Sahib) was not prepared at that time and after giving a great deep thought, the Holy Robe was passed on to Bhai Tota Ram. The remaining five symbols were given to the Sodhi Clan. Out of these Selhi/Topi is not at Kiratpur Sahib (Town of Sodhi Clan) Whereas Rosary, The Holy Book and Wooden footwear are at Guru Har Sahai a town of Distt. Ferozpur in Punjab (India).
Bhai Tota Ram went back to his native place Bokhara alongwith Holy Robe (Sri Chola Sahib) and displayed it for exhibition (Darshan) for the followers/disciples of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with all dedication and dovotion as long as he was alive. But before his death he anticipated that his children might not look after the Holy Robe (Sri Chola Sahib) properly. So he put it in a cave and closed the opening with a Big Rock. He prayed that he had brought this Holy Robe and now it may be taken by anybody to whom Guru Nanak Dev Ji Desires.

(Holy Robe)
When Guru Nanak Dev Ji left for the heavenly abode his body also disappeared, only the sheet which covered him remained. The Hindus and Muslims quarreled about the possession of the sheet. In the end it was cut into two pieces and distributed among them. The Hindus made a Samadhi and Muslims prepared a graveyard at Kartarpur (Town) on the bank of river. ”Ravi” The Samadhi was washed away during the floods. Baba Sri Chand Ji, the elder son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji brought the container (urn) of ashes to Dera Baba Nanak [Town in Punjab (India) where a Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) was constructed and a city was established in Guru Nanak Dev Ji ’s Memory.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji had two Sons :
i) Baba Sri Chand Sahib
ii) Baba Lakhmi Dass Sahib
Baba Sri Chand was not married and Baba Lakhmi Dass Ji was married. Baba Kabli Mal Ji belonged to the eight generation of Baba Lakhmi Dass Ji and thus direct descendent of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Baba Kabli Mal Ji used to meditate a lot and was leading a saintly life. The incidence is more than 270 years old when Baba Kabli Mal Ji dreamt about Guru Nanak Dev Ji who told him about his Holy Robe (Chola Sahib) lying at Balkh-Bokhara (Afganistan) and asked him to bring it from there. When Baba Kabli Mal Ji reached there accordingly, the people of that area confirmed that Guru Ji’s Holy Robe was lying inside the cave which is blocked by a big Rock.

(Holy Robe)
Baba Kabli Mal Ji kept thinking about how to remove the huge rock. At night again he dreamt about Guru Ji. Guru Ji told Baba Kabli Mall Ji not to worry, Get up early morning, Take bath and Prepare ”Prashad” (offering) Recite Japuji Sahib and Sprinkle water five times on the Rock. Baba Ji did as was ordained and the ’rock’ was shifted aside. Taking the Holy Robe (Chola Sahib) Baba Kabli Mal Ji reached Dera Baba Nanak on 21st Phalgun (4th March). The Holy Robe (Chola Sahib) is now being very properly looked after by Baba Jagdeep Singh Ji Bedi a direct descendent of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
The Annual Fair of Sri Chola Sahib (Holy Robe) is being organised since Baba Kabli Mal Ji reached Dera Baba Nanak (Town) on 21st Phalgun (4th March). The ceremony commences with the start of ”Akhand Path’ (Recitation from the Holy Granth) w.e.f. 20th Phalgun (3rd March) and from 21st Phalgun (4th March) devotees from Punjab, adjoining area of other states and parts of India and abroad viz-a-viz. Singapore, Norway, England, Africa and U.S.A. etc. reach Dera Baba Nanak (Town) Sri Chola Sahib (Holy Robe) is displayed for devotees on 22nd 23rd and 24th Phalgun i.e. 5th, 6th & 7th of ’March’ every year. Millions of devotees pay their Homage and seek Blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji,

1. Guru Nanak Dev Ji
2. Baba Sri Chand Ji, Baba Lakhmi Dass Ji
3. Baba Dharam Chand Ji
4. Baba Mannak Sahib Ji
5. Baba Datar Chand Ji
6. Baba Gurditta Chand Ji
7. Baba Jogjodh Sahib Ji
8. Baba Darshan Das Ji
9. Baba Kabli Mal Ji -( Who Bring the Sri Chola Sahib to Dera Baba Nanak)
10. Baba Sukhbasi Rai Ji
11. Baba Dal Singh Ji
12. Baba Manga singh Ji
13. Baba Arood Singh Ji
14. Baba Budha Singh Ji
15. Baba Gopal Singh Ji Bedi
16. Baba Kuldeep Singh Ji Bedi
17. Baba Jagdip singh Ji Bedi

Baba Jagdip Singh Ji Bedi Showing Chola Sahib of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj
at Dera Baba Nanak Sahib contact +91 9316194771


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