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he was my everything

Hello friends,my name is senzeni I was in love with a certain guy by the name of Dennis.He lived next door by that time I was young I didn’t know the meaning of love but still I had strong feelings for him,wen Eva I see him peace runs in me and by the age of 18 he approached me expressing his feelings telling me how much he needed me I was shocked knowing that he loved me as much as I did i couldn’t hesitate I said yes to his proposal.we dated for three to four years it wasn’t a secret date but an open one.He introduced me to everyone including his parents he was my everything my daily dose,without his call o text couldn’t sleep.out of thousands of guys he was perfect for me I gave him love,my heart,my world he was my man and I loved him with every piece’s.time passed by as we grew in love after some years things started changing slowly he started losing interest in me but I gained more,the more he pushed me away the more I went close to

week could pass without his call o text I got worried I knew that I’m no longer on a safe side but I couldn’t give up coz he was the only I wanted to spend my whole life with. It was on my birthday around 4clock he came to visit and I was excited as i was waiting for good news while bad news came out of his mouth“senzeni I no longer love you,let’s just be distant friends”, and he walked away. What I couldn’t believe it tears running out of my eyes,I felt like it was the end of the world at the same everything became useless. couldn’t say anything went home in my room cried loud in pain days weeks months and years pass by but still can’t forget about him .I love you Dennis.I hope he’s happy coz o I want is him to be happy owz

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33 Comments on “he was my everything”

  • It’s really osm story when we trust that person he is always broken

  • Jayanthi kamalakannan

    Nice…. It’s seems like my story also

  • Heard touching story so sad ..

  • Hello your story is a bit sad but an advise for you never cray for someone who doesn’t value your tears because if he knew ur worth it he would never leave you in the first place so never Crayon for someone who never valued you if he left you it’s for the best never beg anyone to stay they wanna leave let them leave you never know what’s waiting you it might be something better than you thought u had😊.

  • Lalaine B. Espinel

    Everyone of us needs love and only love can make us happy if a person says to you that he don’t love you anymore it means that your relationship is over. What you are going to do is to accept the reality and set him free in order to free yourself too from those feelings. It’s hard to accept but you need to do for yourself. Someday you will say to yourself I’m strong enough to face another sort of relationship. Your future is waiting for you to look for a man fitted for ypur love. Be strong and good luck. God bless you.

  • esa kyu hota hai jo bhi koi jisse sabse zayda pyaar karta vo usse chod kar kyun chala jata hai

  • Super story

  • Wow yo

  • Pahle Ishq Fir Dhokha Fir Bewafai,
    Badi Tarkeeb Se Ek Shakhs Ne Tabaah Kiya !

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁




  • Really So Sad to hear about you. But, The Love Story was Wonderful.

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  • ye Rogan kuta kaha hai

  • Have you ever felt love for someone To the point past emotional bliss? I have, and still do I married her.
    I herd codependency was a bad thing for couples. To feed off of each others feeling could cause a break up? I doubt that theory very much. Maybe my marriage isn’t the definition of that, its more like or love grew its own vascular system and we thrive off the respect, trust, and support from each other.

    It was a cold morning I can feel it in my bones. I couldn’t wait to feel the heat of the melted steel inside the mill. I didn’t waste any time in the locker room chatting about the weather I knew all the small talk. Straight into work ten minuets early my crew had no idea I was even there. I stayed busy alone better then in a group. A coworker found me and told me my phone has been ringing none stop. I said its fine just my wife trying to say good morning’s, I’ll take a break soon. Ten minuets later I was interrupted again this time my father in law called a friend of mine. I can take my break now it must be important. I called back…hey Casey your wife is in the hospital she was rushed into emergency. I can feel deep thuds in my chest. What happened I ask. He was reluctance in saying but he told me she is okay and talking. Should I come home? What happened? They think it was a stroke. I can feel my heart strings snapping and everyone in the break room was looking at me. I’ll be there as soon as possible. I think we were married a year when I got that news. It was a forty minuet drive home and I had time to think. I thought about how a twenty seven year old could have a stroke? What if they are wrong? Mostly I thought about how strong she is and how deep in love I am to be in this much pain.

    I didn’t want to leave her side. She was scared and hurt, I could feel the pain just by her big beautiful eyes.I could only see her a few hours at a time I tried to be alone, so know one would see me cry. Her family wouldn’t give me the chance. I think That’s when I found out how much I was cared for too. I did get some time to myself to walk the halls of that place. I don’t remember looking up from the floor but I was in the gift shop. Out of the corner of my eye I seen a pink turtle with big sad looking eyes. I picked it up and read the tag. Its name was shellbe, I started to tear up a little because shell be okay went round my head for hours as I prayed. Needless to say I bought the pink turtle. My wife shell, went through every test known to diagnose her and every time she was taken away from me I felt horrified. I told her she was going to be fine this is a good place. I think she saw my poker face though and told me to stay calm.

    You might of never herd about this because its not common in eastern united states. Moya Moya, yeah that’s what caused the stroke. Its a Japanese word for puff of smoke. Oddly when you looked at her brain vessels the resemblance off a puff of smoke was plain as day. The doctor explained that the main artery in her brain was narrow, thin, and clenching. This caused new smaller capillary blood vessels to form. In order to get blood to the vital parts of the organ this caused an odd a peculiar formation of those capillaries. Basically its like relying on a ford to run your brain.

    A few years later she gained control of the left side of her body again. Things are looking good with now huge stroke for three years. We took up bicycling and healthier food. Some things needed to be avoided one thing was having a baby. We tried before the stroke and was told babies are not happening anyway. I guess the new healthy lifestyle was enough to get the baby maker in motion because she showed me a positive test.

    Doctors, doctors, more doctors. Seven months and a whirl of confusion we come down to a plan. She might now survive a natural birth so a surgery was the choise. It took a congregation of doctors to decide that. I don’t want to go in to all the detail but or little love bean was doing okay for the situati

  • Sad story….. Bt glt ap ni ho…. Wo ni pyr nibha ska…. Bcz y sbke bs ki bat ni…. Apne nibhaya pyr…. Muskil hota h apne pyr no khud se dur jate dekhna… Bt Jo hota h ache k liye hota h…

    • Jayanthi kamalakannan

      He leave her , mean I think he got better option………,…………he was a dash………

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