A Real Story That Has No End..!!!!!!


Hey.. hello all the lovers.. I m Shubham.. I have passed myh +2.. when I was new in +1 class .. at first day of myh school I promised with myself don’t fall in love.. when I entered the school…I saw a girl and she was just coming out from van… and her name is Diksha.. she’s so beautiful.. I m continuously stares at her.. I started chasing her.. I don’t know where I m going.. that was my luck her classroom was next to my classroom.. I m so happy.. I always chasing her at recess tym dispersal tym whenever she comes out from her class.. she’s was in 10. After a month I told one of my frnd about her.. and he said to me..just forgot about her she don’t talk to any boy even her classmates. But I make a strong I wish that I u r my Diksha. One day I m going to gym with my frnd. And she’s coming with her dad from. I started chasing her.. they have a departmental store. I m going in.. asked from her mom.. a cold drink and chips packet I m continuously stares at her and her mom
stares at me and her brother is also . Her mom asked for money I checked my pockets I don’t have anything. Oh moy god. My frnd have money and he pay the bill. I was so happy on that day. Then I search her on fb and snd her reqt. After a month she replied me .. who is this. I tell her I m new in school. And she deny to talk with me. By saying I m not interested to talk with strangers. I cannot reply her. Next day she messaged me okay. We will be only frnds. And she acpt my fb...

rqt. Slowly and slowly we talk with each other I love hersoher much one day she asled me why you are always take caer of me. Whenever I get online how could u know about it. I tell her I have ddep feeling about you. And I proposed her. My heartbeat was restless. She said but I don’t. I calm down and start normal talk. She said don’t u feel bad I don’t love you. I tell her one day u will say me I love you Shubham. We make a bet. We daily used to talk I m always in romantic mood with her full fill her
needs. And she lose the bet and she proposed me. I was so so so happy.. she loves me so much but ai want to tell u frnd I can’t even touch her and very rare I listen her voice. In school nobody knows about me and her. No one knows about our love story even though my frnds. One a day is come.myh life. 7 November 2014, I lost her. Her parents knows about me her dad eyes fills with tears. I m so sad because of me these tears are come in her dad eyes.. she messaged it just because of you. Don’t message me and don’t look at me. But I was in love. My every breathe is taking her name. She hurts me so much but I still love her. She was saying it was my misunderstanding I love you. I cannot shout on her and don’t show any anger. I accept her decision.. but today I m living with her memory.. I m broken into pieces. She’s the only one who took me from this darkness.. I love you so much Diksha. I m waiting for you.

Submitted By:- Shubham kumar

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  1. Sami Dragusha

    I love albanian girls

  2. Rishona

    Super love story

  3. Mona

    Super love story

  4. Ruchika dhiman

    I know d pain that u have… But lv is not our tm I thing so bcoz everyone r d same.. dil tuta hai jb kisi ko dil s cha ho hamne to or boh na mile kbi to.. isiliye kbi pyr mt kro kyuki khud ko uske bhad sambhalna bhut mushkil hota hai boh insan to hath chod k chala jata hai tadpna hame pdta hai.. isiliye stay away that disease guyzzz.. khud s pyr kro bs…

  5. Jayanthi kamalakannan

    Plz wait for her ….. One day she will realize ur love….so keeeep wait with lots of Love for her.all the best……god grace always with u. Dnt worry.

  6. Mehreen cruz

    Aww soo sweet n touching have faith maybe things will change but in case she doesn’t want to come back to u don’t hesitate to move on life is too short leave each and every day like it’s your last and make the best of it, all the best.

  7. Kaffy

    Keep waiting she will soon realise how much you love her

  8. Karan pujari

    I’m very happy…….

  9. Fahad

    Alas! My frnd…. Don’t worry! One day u’ll must find her if ur love is true

  10. Gendalal

    Mujhse bhi dosti karo. Apne dukh sukh ka sathi banao

  11. lalit kumar

    nice story 7500090582

  12. Rahul 9781235559

    Nice story best of luck

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    Lekin puri dis.. Khajaana plat.m. Hahaha nili parsl.. Karne hi wali haiiii

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    Dastan vo plate khani to aapko hi padegi kuch bhi ho jaye

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    Aello bro.. How r u

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    tanha dil agar majbur na hota,
    hum khud aapko GOOD NIGHT kahne aate,
    agar aapka aashiyana itna door na hota.

  229. pranjal

    kyu nikhil nind sayad aj let aygi kyuki aj din me hum bahut der tak soye the

  230. dastan

    Hum to kabhi kisi ke lise khaas hi nhi bne yaar

  231. pranjal

    hey nikhil dastan humra din to aj bahut boring gya

  232. nikhil

    bas badhiya hai aap batye aap kaise ho

  233. Nilisha yadav

    Hey dastan plate to shi salamat h na khahi use bhi kha to nhi liya

  234. nikhil

    acha pari aap 12 ke baad kya karne ka plan hai

  235. Vishal

    hi nikhil
    Kaise ho babu

  236. pranjal

    ha humra DNR v ho gya

  237. dastan

    Dosto aaj aap sab ka din acha to gya lekin fir bhi kesaa gya

  238. Nilisha yadav

    Reallly !!pari sach me ooh matlb m aapke liye khaas hu ooji thanku pari

  239. nikhil

    pari ko thodi der baad nind aa jayegi….

  240. pranjal

    hi nili

  241. dastan

    Ok me aagyaaa

  242. Vishal

    ha ho gya
    or aap ka pari

  243. Nilisha yadav

    Yahi hu pari
    Hii nikhil

  244. pranjal

    apki bina to bat krne me acha hi nhi lagta h hume

  245. nikhil

    hello frnds

  246. pranjal

    nhi nili ap na jao

  247. Vishal

    dastan aap topic nikalo

  248. dastan

    Ohoooo man 1 minut plz.. Sorry ill be back right now

  249. pranjal

    hey vishal or dnr ho gya

  250. Vishal

    sab ja rhe ho

  251. Nilisha yadav

    Ok pari

  252. dastan

    Acha idea hai hahaha
    Aate hi khana bna liya thaa aaj to
    Kiya nhi bhuloge bhai
    Vinod bhai khhhhaaaaa hoooooo
    Or jor se chilaau kiyaaaaa bbbbhhhhaaaaaaiiiiii

  253. Vishal

    lgta he aaj mera hi numb he


    dastan me to accha hu aap bolo

  254. Nilisha yadav

    Pari aaj phir se okk to m bhi jau kaya batao

  255. pranjal

    acha nili hum par kya story likhogi aap and hum sab ki wishes thi apke sath tabhi jyada acha gya h ok dastan 2 mint ruk gye wese hum jate v nhi WO to ap Sab hume notice kro isliye bye bola

  256. Nilisha yadav

    Ok forget this topic vishal
    Dastan khana bana liya kaya

  257. Vishal

    pari etne jaldi

  258. dastan

    Vishal kese ho bhai

  259. Nilisha yadav

    Kyo nhi bologe ooh mujhe kaya lg raha h vishal aap phir se serious lg rahe ho
    M to ase hi kah rhi thi

  260. Vishal

    hi pari & dastan

  261. dastan

    Pari.. Yaar 2 minut wait.. To kro

  262. dastan

    Its good sab yha hai ok
    Exam kesa gya acha hi gya hoga lekin puchna to padta hai na
    Vishal keseho DNR huaa ya nhi
    How r u but miss u haa
    Vinod bhai
    Kese ho aap jinda ke sath

  263. Nilisha yadav

    Aap pr likhugi ek story batao pari kasa rahega
    And pari exam bhout achaa hua because of your best wishes all frnd thanku

  264. pranjal

    humre ate hi sab so gye OK hum jate h good night friends

  265. Vishal

    aaj Nhi bolunga sach me

  266. Nilisha yadav

    Ooh hoo ji aa gaye pari & dastan
    Welcome ji
    And pari ji m story likhugi exam k baad or pata h topic kaya hoga aap

  267. pranjal

    or sab ne dnr Kar liya

  268. Nilisha yadav

    Are nhi manie topic bataya phir court or laws….nhi mujhe nhi batana koi topic

  269. pranjal

    hi nili exam kesa gya koi story likhi

  270. dastan

    Aello.. Friend all of u ho ya fir se gayb .. Let’s. Take a look ??

  271. Vishal

    aaj pari q Nhi aai

    lgta he so gai

  272. Nilisha yadav

    M yarriyan movie ki baat nhi kr rhi m to song ki kah rahi hu yarriyaa panjabi songs h and singer h amrinder gill

  273. Vishal

    nili Kuch topic nikalo

  274. Vishal

    nili vinod bhai

  275. Nilisha yadav

    Ok but aap to yahi ho 5 minutes ho gayi

  276. Vishal

    us mv ke Sbi songs ache he

  277. Vishal

    bad me aap hi kahte ho

    bina btaye chala gya

    esliye phle hi bola tha

  278. vinod ald

    Hall o vishal

  279. vinod ald

    Kanha ho ajay ji kaise hai

  280. Vishal

    hi vinod bhai

  281. Nilisha yadav

    M to kahi ja hi nhi rhi vishal ruku kase

  282. Nilisha yadav

    Hii vinod ji
    Kaya hua kon bhul gaya aapko

  283. Vishal

    5 mint ruko nili

  284. Nilisha yadav

    Aaj bakhi sb kaha h

  285. vinod ald

    Are kabhi is garib ko mis kar liya karo

  286. Nilisha yadav

    Kya hua vishal

  287. Nilisha yadav

    Yariyaa by amrinder gill
    Mujhe panjabi song pasand h agr kabhi mood achaa ho ya free hoti hu tb sun leti hu

  288. Vishal

    ha ha ha ha


  289. Vishal

    network problem ho rha he ky nili

  290. Nilisha yadav

    Ji syari nhi aayi exam me or maine story bhi nhi likhi
    But phir bhi bhout achaa hua

  291. Vishal

    konsa song

  292. Vishal

    exam Kaise gya

  293. Nilisha yadav

    M song sun rhi hu

  294. Vishal

    leta hu or aap ky kr rhe ho

  295. Nilisha yadav

    Haan mara bhi ho gaya

  296. Vishal

    ha hogya or aap ka

  297. Nilisha yadav

    Ase hi mujhe lga maine bol diya serious mat lena okk

  298. Vishal

    kl rat aap ke comt dekha to muze lga sorry bol dena chahiye

    or ak bat aap ne kahi thi

    me distb Kaise hu

  299. Nilisha yadav

    Hanji m yahi hu aapko kahi jana h kya

  300. Nilisha yadav

    Its ok vishal
    Kaya kr rahe ho aap ??
    Dnr ho gaya ??

  301. Vishal

    nili ho ya nhi

  302. Nilisha yadav

    Bhout hi jayada acha hua
    And sry kisliye mujhe bura nhi laga its totally fine and aap mujhe khte ho ki m sry bolti hu ab aap bol rahe

  303. Vishal

    kl rat ko mera comt sub nhi ho rha tha

    mene dastan ko msg bhi kiya tha

  304. Vishal

    koi bhi nhi tha esliye bol diya

    exam Kaise gya

  305. Vishal

    nili kl rat ke liye sorry yr

    Kuch jada hi huva tha

  306. Nilisha yadav

    Hii vishal, aap to ja rahe the

  307. Vishal

    hi nili

  308. Nilisha yadav

    Okkk jao bye

  309. Nilisha yadav

    Hey frnds h r u all kaha ho sb

  310. Vishal

    me bhi ja rha hu

  311. Nilisha yadav

    Nice story shubham and dont worry agr aapka pyr sacha h then she will be back

  312. Vishal

    ok aman
    Gn swt dream

  313. Vishal

    Kaha ho yr sab

  314. Aman Yadav

    Sorry beech me Kisi ka sath nahi chordte pr mere yaha light Ki problem h is time so good night

  315. Vishal

    bye aman

  316. Vishal

    aap ki soch sach me bht acchi he

    gf khush to bf khush

  317. Aman Yadav

    Bye Vishal bhai

  318. Vishal

    dastan Kaha gye baba

  319. Aman Yadav

    Ha bahut bura lagta h……… .. Pr wo khush h apni jindagi me to sikayat kaisi …… Ab unhe khush bhi na dekhu to fir mohbbat kaisi

  320. dastan

    Sorry sorry sorry me bas abhi gher phucha hu bas khana bna lu baad me aaram se baat kar paaunga varna kal ki tarha

  321. Aman Yadav

    Sorry bhai battery lowkhatam hone wali h so mujhe Jana padega

  322. Vishal

    dastan pari mili

  323. Vishal

    bht bura lgta he na
    asa Kuch huva to

    o ldki classmate thi

  324. Aman Yadav

    Bs yahi soch Kr kaat lenge jindagi apni kiamat me sayad nahi thi ashiqi………

  325. Aman Yadav

    Kya Hua abhi gf ka solution nahi hua

  326. Vishal

    ha bhai shi he

  327. Aman Yadav

    Chordo yaar

  328. Aman Yadav

  329. Vishal


  330. Aman Yadav

    Sach me bhai use Mai pasand nahi tha… To ab Mai kya karu …….jabardasti to h nahi bhai Ki meri gf bani raho

  331. Vishal

    sach batao yr

  332. Vishal


  333. Vishal

    joke accha Nhi tha

  334. Aman Yadav

    Meri gf ka experience nahi h kunki gf banane se pahle hi chord gayi

  335. Aman Yadav

    Ok…… …. . . .to ek kaam toss Ho jaye …. Head aaya to Mai tail aaya to tum

  336. Vishal

    gf ka batao Kuch

  337. Vishal

    me tumhe bol rha hu or tum muze

  338. Aman Yadav

    Shuru to aap karo

  339. Vishal

    fir batao bhai Kuch

  340. Aman Yadav

    Aur kich btao

  341. Vishal


  342. Aman Yadav

    Nahi bhai

  343. Vishal

    chale gye ky

  344. Aman Yadav

    Or sb kaha h

  345. dastan

    Me acha hu vishal bas 1 minit shop band kar lu bhai

  346. Vishal

    ok aman

    batao Kuch apne gf ka

  347. Vishal

    dastan Kaise ho bhai

  348. Aman Yadav

    Bhai mob Ki battery low h jb tk h… Tb tk baat karte h….

  349. Vishal

    hi dastan

  350. dastan

    Me to fil hal shop me hu hu vishal. Bas 10 minut me shop banth kar ne hi wala hu

  351. Vishal

    accha hu or aap

  352. Aman Yadav

    Oye yaar ghr pr

  353. dastan

    Aman bhai kese ho aap sab yha kha hai bas aap or hum hi to hai vishal aane hi wala hai 5 minut bas

  354. Vishal

    kaha the dinbr sab

  355. Aman Yadav

    Kaise Ho aap sb

  356. dastan

    Hey hi dosto

  357. dastan

    4get abhut it mistek she will come 1 day but I think so but men 1 think don’t give up

  358. Aman Yadav


  359. Vishal


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