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Life is full of unexpected things on which the person you dont expect will came but it is made up of many twist on which can changed your life.

It was 13 july 2018 when v firstly meet on fb .she simply msgez me nd i also msgz her in same way but after some tym i used to tell her abt her introduction she gvz me so nd smlry i alxo gv her myn in same way …But after some monthz i used to make commetment with her as dayz passed i was feeling something spcl vd her thn 1 day i propz her nd she bcm surprised anyway she ignored me.. she always ignore me becz of her family nd She used to say that be my frend we become good frends but i was not ready to understand that anyway as i don’t want to lve her due to wich i accpt her rqst nd on 18 oct 2018 v bcm frndz. Nd 1 day she bloks me on her id but as i miss her wich leads me to deactivate myn own id permanently thn i decided to make a new acc thrgh vch i cnd her request 1’s again bcoz it was the only medium to talk her some tymz she mkz me angry upon her as when she was nt replying myn msgz,but before my whole sadness she used to chat vth me in a cool mode wich makz me too much happy nd thn i used to thnk tht may v she may hvn some urgent work or anything else nd as v all knw that v should nver judge anyone on his or her doings be4 knowing the whole situation nd in same way she never say me any thing wrong and she used try to get me . After soo many cases I use to notice her .As We become frends on fb nd we used to chatting with each other . Now she use to chatt with me as a frend but chatting with her ,passing more tym...

with her, chatting with her realise me that I start liking her . Actually I like to spend my tym with her . Actually we know the importance of person when she was not chatting with me . Same with me when their were our school holidays I get bored in my house but when I talk with her she made my day Osm. I start liking her but she did not know about this…That tym was superb when we both say I miss u … she knowz all about my past but she never think wrong about me on the behalf of my past… This is the thing which I like most about her … she is superb , loving, free minded persons… Some tym their are complication but we never give up.. Their our good tym but also bad tym which I didn’t want to share for that sorry …. We are not belonging frm same places I am so far frm her but I have no problem with that.. I love her so much and I want to spend my whole life with her but without permission of our family we didn’t take any wrong way.. Their is more tym to change our parents thought about love marriage we try our best only I want that she always stay with me if she left me I never stand up in life I didn’t die but I lost my life as I live a life as putla types…nd she knwz me vry wll but i dont knw her face how she iz looking as she iz so far frm me but our soulez are together anywhr, evrytym ..I hope that God bless us and help us…..Nd knw first of all i vll finish myn studiez thn make myn parents proud,have permanent job,have my own house ,get married to some1 i love nd thn i will go all the hogs …
Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.
Khan saju.

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