Love At First Sight

by Anna Billa

I also met my love on the net, at first it was not that easy,

and i nearly gave up after few email communication, i decided to drop down my phone number and was very desperate hoping it will not work out.

One fine day i had a phone call, and he was at the other end wanting to speak to me, from that moment we exchange the feelings and realized we really love each other.

we have been communicating through phone, emails , skype and always spend more hours talking to each other,

now we have come...

to a conclusion that we love each other and that we are meant for each other,

so we want to break the distance, that happens so fast. we are now looking on how to be together to enjoys the fantastic love between us. he lives in Belgium and i in Cameroon, i need help to handle all this especially how to live together because i can’t leave without him.

i love him so much and i don\’t bear for more months staying alone here with my sweet love.

thanks to the net that brought my love one to me.


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  1. Danny

    Hope you’ll be together

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