An Unforgettable Love Story


In this unforgettable love story I love her but I don’t know whether she love of or not. I have never lakked with her but I felt that she also wanted to talk with of but because due to the lack of confidence and distant between us, our love is the love which looks better in the books only.
I know that it was the Christmas time in 2010 and I with my sisters and neighbour, no with all the Jesus Youth of JHARKHAND were going to KERELA to attend the 25th Jesus Youth Jubilee Conference from 28th December 2010 to 1st January 2011.
From LATEHAR (where my good is) we went on 25th of December to RANCHI’S HATIA station of Railway to catch the train for KERELA. And in the station for the first time I saw such a beautiful girl like her in my life. She was as pretty as in my they the most beautiful girl in the world. But after seeing her for the first time I neil her. And on the same day at might I say her again and for the first time for a girl the tunes of guitar was played in my heart.
In the train she was just sitting next to my berth in the same coach S1. We both used to sleep in upper berth. But I never tried to see her because it was the first time that a girl came into my life. As I used to turn beside her a sacred feelings would come in my heart and mind.
Since that day my eyes...

started searching her everytime. There in KERELA instead of praying and celebrating my eyes was always in search of her. Everytime I say her my mind and heart wished “I could just talk to her”,
During this period I also noticed that she was also just staring at me. There in KERELA, three days instead of praying I was droned in her thinking only. I was just thinking how to talk to her and many more things about her……..
Since it was the first time though I didnot talk ever to her but I got a glance to see her every day. But I was not couraged to see eye to eye in her eyes and talk to her. Because I never got a chance a perfect opportunity because I was used to move there with my brother MANOJ and she also was used to stay with her friends,
As the time passed my heartbeat started fastening due to the thought that today will be my last day to see her. And it was the last day on 02/01/2011 when it was the time to catch the train from KERELA to RANCHI. I was just sitting in the railway station. Them she came and sat infront of me but my head bowed towards the ground and not a single word came ou from my mouth, seeing infront of of I was speechless. I blew cause I was too damn shy.
Since I could not express my feelings to her and how my heart felt about her. I missed her a lot and now also used to cry in her absence,
-Yesudas Khusar
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Submitted By:- Yesudas Khusar

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  1. Juan Carlos

    Me gusta

  2. nikhat khan

    Sad story……feeling sad fr u……

  3. senzeni maduna

    Sorry for that but next time try to approach it will help

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