A Man Who Doesn’t Love Me


I fall in love e with a man who is marry..and the man love me too..we date being together, sleep together for a year..I love him so much..n so do him..we leave far away from his family because we working..after the restaurant are close we force to come back..sty together with his family..
When 1st we come back..his wife start making drama..day by day our relationship getting far..he is like a stranger to me..before he told me ..he love me more then his wife..after staying together with family for 2 months..suddenly his wife saw his old phone messenger..the messenger link to old n new phone…he wife saw the text that we text..because all the while at home..we can’t get closer other than texting..after his wife saw it..she keep crying..then I sacrifices myself..I told them I move..the night b4 I move he company me..he hug me we kiss n he crying saying that he can’t live without me …he miss me so much…

next day her wife start drama again..all the while his wife treats him like a dog ..or maid..
His wife force him to admit..that he love me..He didn’t admit..he told his wife we start messaging for half year..he didn’t love me, he just treat me like a sister and all the while I love him..(he push everything to me)
He went me to admit in front of his wife that I love him..but he don’t love me…im asking myself why you treat me like that..I’m your lover too a girl who sleep beside you for a year.. he promise his wife that he will stop everything that cause her unhappy..then I ask him..that mean you want to give up n breakup with me..he no..my heart still got u n never give up…but we need to freeze our relationship for being time..now I can’t even chat with him…he not dare talk to me, or see me…I feel very sad n hurt..what should I do..

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3 Responses

  1. arav singh

    you’ve to leave him bcz he is married and he have lots of responsiblities her wife is innocent in this story..so go and start your new life💙❤

  2. Yen

    How to delete my stories

  3. haydee

    it like they my situation now.i don’t know what to do..I know he love me..

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