The Love Lies


Hello everyone this story is very sad and happy at the same time I really need to let this out of me. One day i was in year 11 in my school it was just like normal day until I went on my phone and i seen a beautiful men with little kid I fell in love with the men straight away you telling your self how comes you only seen him on the picture but for me it was love at first sign. the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about that good and beautiful men but I was telling my self what would men like that would want to do with me he will never like me until I got message from someone I look at the phone and it was him he texted me he called me on the phone he said he really like me and he want to see me I was telling my self this is not real but it was he asked me to meet him but I said I can’t I was only 15 my mother was from strict family she never let me out by my self he was 16 and for him it was easy because he was boy and I was girl with strict family then on new year he called me and he asked me to meet him again so I did 😍it was beautiful he straight away run into my arms and hugged me kissed me I was telling my self omd this is crazy we was talking he didn’t know that much English but I liked him anyways he teach me how to love . I was meeting him every night with my sister she was helping me becouse my mum and brother didn’t want me to be with him. so every day we fell in love more and more we was going to beautiful places everything was amazing until after 3 mounts he told me to meet him so I did we went to beautiful place and he said he want to tell me something really bad so I asked what did he wasted to tell me and he said he have wife and kids that he couldn’t tell me it before because he was scared that I would never want him with kid and the kid on the foto was him and his little girl that day and time my heat stop betting I couldn’t believe it I fult he is joking until he showed me his wife and his kid 😭I was really sad and start craying I went home and cried all day I couldn’t believe it my heart was broken he called me thousand times I don’t pick it up then after 3 days I picked it up he said he was sorry and he loves me and he don’t live with his family anymore that am his family now and I believe him again so I meet him on Valentine’s Day he went to London...

with me that was we’re he lives we went to the restaurant we had some food he bought me flowers it was beautiful it was really raining that day and my sister was waiting outside for me and my cousin because my mum would never let me by my self so I lied to my mum and said am going shop but for real I was in London with him it was really nice he showed me some nice things he said he loves me so much then he took me to hotel he know I was virgin I never had sex before so he wanted to take my virginity and stay with me because that was the only way my mum would accept him everyone was looking for me I forgot about my sister and cousin that I left them in the rain alone for 5 hours I was having fun and they was in rain I told him I don’t want him to take my virginity and he said it okay he will love me anyways he just want to be with me for ever I told him to get me home all my family was looking for me and so he did get me home my mum was shouting asking me we’re a was and I told her with my friends I lied because I was scared that she will never let me out again my brother wated to fight him but I told them he didn’t do nothing to me and they said that I cannot see him again other wise they won’t let me out again so I agreed he called me the next day and I told him I can’t be with him because my family will never want that he said it okay because he is going to him country and never coming back again I was sad and had panic attack the day he left to his country I knew I will never see him again and he went back to his wife and kids and years went by I never stop thinking about him he called me after years and he said he is sorry for every thing that he loves me but I couldn’t forgive him that he left and went back to his wife then 2 years after I hear that he have nother kid with his wife my heart stop I was really broken he had 2 kids and I was alone couldn’t stop thinking about are love and I know that he couldn’t forget as well about things we want trough after 3 years I meet another guy in collage I fell in love with him gave him my virginity and am with him for 3 years now am happily with him until my last breath and I never know what happened with the other guy but never forget that this story is not sad bad really interesting and you never know who you will meet in future 😉❤️

Thank you

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  1. Tom

    Happy birthday to me😢

  2. Rakesh

    I really appriciate your work Great Job Sir

  3. Mr evil

    Hindi me likhte to Jada achha hota

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